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Monday, August 09, 2004

Interesting Sunday...

Well, I decided that this blog is much better then Xanga, so I made the switch. Anywho today has been interesting. I have been listening to Motion City Soundtrack a lot of today. I swear, the top three songs of the last week are 'Vindicated' by Dashboard Confessional, 'The Future Freaks me out' by Motion City Soundtrack, and 'Champagne' by Sugarcult. I have listened to these three bands a ton recently. They are all awesome so for those of you who haven't heard any of them (especially Motion City Soundtrack) go pick up their CD's or find them on iTunes.

Today was my lazy day to fall apart and not feel good. Played Paper Mario with my little brother for like four hours today... holy crap I haven't played games for a very very long time. I forgot how awesome Paper Mario is. I guess 'E' rated games can be fun too (lol).

So, hung around the house today. Then I had to go to a fireside at like seven and I was telling Kara that I had to give a talk in the meeting. She said she wanted to come and see me. I told her that it was alright and she didn't need to sit though that. But of course, being Kara, she came.

So, we sat through the meeting together, occasionally making comments and having fun. Got up and did my little bit (which was seriously a little over a minute and a half long) and then sat back down with Kara. After we got a little bored, I ended up making a paper airplane out of my little paper program and then turned it into a duck (because who has time to figure out how to make a swan, seriously).

Then after the meeting, there were refreshments and stuff. Talked to Austin for a real short time and got a few colorful comments from the girls in my ward, poking fun at Kara and I. Also talked to Arin for a little and walked around outside. Then came inside and called Kimball while we waited for Kara's mom to come and give us a ride.

Got home and played with my little brother for a bit. Plan for tomorrow is wake up and go to Kara's Volleyball tryouts at nine (wow, extremely early) then who knows what for the rest of the day. No clue what the plan is for the rest of the week. I'm feeling pretty good and happy now, so lets hope it stays that way for the rest of the week. Not too much longer till my B day, and hopefully not too longer till I get my SG. I really gotta sell my old guitar...



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