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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Women in tight shorts

Today, woke up at like eightish and got ready to go watch Kara tryout for Volleyball. Went to the high school and found where everyone was trying out. No Kara. So, I sat and watched for five or so minutes. It was kinda interesting. Many of those poor girls looked like they had never played volleyball before. And NONE of them should have been wearing the tight shorts they were... ug... there was like only ONE cute girl there (two, but kara didnt show).

So, after like an hour or so, I called Kara and found out wherever the heck she was. Turned out she wasn't feeling great so she was going to try out Tuesday... good heck. Everyone was apparently trying to find me but couldnt because I was standing up in the rafters, so we didnt see each other or something.

Anyways, that was fun and at least I did get to see Kara because she came to the high school to give me a ride.

Went to my grandparents and mowed the lawn. Wasnt feeling extremely great today... so I played guitar for most of the day. Then we had to run to the mall. I found a quicksilver shirt that was cool so I bought it. Then I went to the guitar store and checked out their pedals. Found the one I want, which will cost me about fifty bucks (which I will have to come up with after I get cash for my Gibson SG... oh SG...*drool*).

After that, came home and called Kara. Then cleaned out the car and went to go see Around the World in 80 days with my family. Not an amazing show, alright and mildly entertaining. 3 out of 10.

Now I'm back and just talking to Bethany for a little bit before bed. Lets hope I feel half decent tomorrow. No more feeling sick.

Praying for money from ebay auctions. Lets hope so...



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