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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Its Been A Bad Day...Another Bad Day

NP- Bad Days
by Something Corporate

Andrew McMahon has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia and is now in the LA hospital, which really sucks. All Jacks Mannequin and Something Corporate shows scheduled have been canceled, which really sucks. What sucks even more is that one of the most creative writers, and an extremely talented musician, has been diagnosed with cancer.

He is apparently, expected to make a full recovery, so here's hoping he does...

I've gotten up every day to be at Drivers Ed by six thirty in the morning, and that has majorly done a number on me as far as sleep goes. The last few days have kinda sucked for me, probably due to lack of sleep or certain events between me and a few other people occuring... Lucky for me, that has somewhat been worked out, but of course, things aren't the same.

Creatively, I've hit a block. A big fat humongous creativity block. I can't write (musicly or lyrically) and what I do end up writing/recording doesn't come out at all how I want it to come out. I've got to find some magical way to end that.

Had to have an MRI yesterday, which wasn't fun. My appointment was for 3:30 and it didn't begin till 4:45 or so. Then I had to sit inside that little tube thing for like an hour and a half while these weird loud sounds blaired, it kinda gave me a headache and I came out a little disoriented.

After I came home though, I was totally wasted, I ended up sleeping instead of doing anything Saturday night. Then I slept in from 9 Saturday night till noon today. and I still have a headache and am a little tired, go figure :).

But, enough complaining. I did have some really good things happen this week. Even though creatively, I haven't made any real progress, I made a little. Got a tiny bit of recording done (woot). Got my braces off (yet I still have a retainer, I hate this thing), Kara came over Friday night, which made me feel a whole lot better. I can't thank you enough for spending like five hours sitting on that swing with me just talking, heaven knows I needed it. I also now have my trip to Idaho scheduled, which is definately a good thing for me. I leave the end of this month and we're doing a buttload of fun stuff. Hitting Warped Tour in Idaho the day before I leave, having really long Jam Sessions, rebuilding Dan's Strat, it's just gonna be a ton of fun. Dan even paid for my plane ticket (regardless of the fact that I told him not to). I'm really looking forward to it. Also, I finally sold my HP, meaning that I took quite a large dent out of my debt for the iBook. But of course, I have a wishlist a mile long. I still wanna get that iPod that I was going to purchase last year, but I kinda knocked that back. I kinda need it now, because my other MP3 player has kinda broke... have to get a Shure SM57 Mic too.

Well, my somewhat gloomy attitude pulled a 180, Dave and I made plans to record. I'm stoked now, cause its so much more fun to work with someone else as well.



At 11:50 PM, Blogger Angel of Redemption said...

I'm so glad we finally got to talk again Shane.. you are one of my very best friends and I value your opinions. I hope you have fun in Idaho. I"ll be in Cali, but keep in touch!


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