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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cavestock and everything inbetween

NP-Give 'Em Hell, Kid
by My Chemical Romance

This has been one packed week. I've been practicing with the band every day fron 3-5 after school trying to get ready for the assembly and concert this week. Hopefully we're ready by now, cause if we aren't, then it's too late now. I've been a bum lately and haven't updated my blog in a while. I 'get too tired' when the time to blog comes around, so I'll cover the last week:

Saturday: Mowed lawns, made money, hung out with Trish, Mariah and Emmy later in the evening. Then a little later, Scott and Josh came and we all hung out in front of Trish's house for a little while.
Monday:...I don't remember a ton apart from my computer tech final, which wasn't too difficult. Oh, duh. We opened Yearbooks and saw them for the first time. Then we made plans to celebrate on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Trudged through Math final, barely making it alive. Went to Brick Oven with Yearbook Staff which was a blast. Got a bunch of pictures too.

Thursday: Math final continued. I wanted to die by this point. I was so glad I finished that stupid thing, probably failed it horribly though. Practiced from 3-5:30 right after school and then ran home to grab a very quick bite to eat before heading out to my Jazz concert. Performed in Jazz concert on what looked like a Fender Tweed Bassman (Don't quote me on that, I wasn't really sure and was in a hurry to set up for performance.) It was quite a nice amp. Headed home to rest from my very very long day.

Friday: Planned on practicing after school, but wasn't able to because Mike wouldn't let Chris use the drumset or something stupid like that. So, we all attended the dance. Savannah and I tried to get them to play some half decent music and Brandon and I were able to get the DJ to play Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, which was awesome. All the other music was crap. I ended up dancing with Megan, Savannah, and Sarah at that dance.

Heard that Cavestock was that night as well (battle of the bands, powderpuff football game, dance) so I found out a little more and discovered that it was apparently supposed to be for High School students only. But of course, I decided to sneak in anyways. Called Savannah and let her know that it would be easy to sneak in. So I met her there and we ended up hanging out the whole time.

Apparently, the last few Cavestocks have gotten 'out of hand' (according to the administration) and last year, The Trademark had to stop playing because everyone was moshing. So this year was all acoustic and not distorted at all, which really sucked. It would have been nice if any of the bands actually had talent, which only two had any smidge of actual skill. Regardless, I didn't care for any of their music. Had the Trademark been there, it would have rocked.

We had this retarded lady DJ at the dance. She was like the soccer-mom of all DJ's and would stop the music if anyone was 'running into each other' (meaning we could barely jump up and down). So even when 3 people would start jumping (to lame music) around and stuff and happen to hit into each other, she'd stop the music and stick on a slow song. Savannah and I danced together a whole lot because of moshing, which I guess isn't a bad thing at all. Someone ended up throwing a water bottle at the lady, which she decided to inform us of. After she told us, we all applauded which I found quite funny. She needs to learn to lighten up and realize that there's a large group of angry high school kids who want to kill her if she isnt somewhat cooperative.

I appologize to those of you who I didn't really end up hanging out with at Cavestock (namely, Trish and Mitch) because I was a little preoccupied... I'm sorry regardless you guys :(.

Anyways, it's twenty minutes past 11 and I really need to get up tomorrow. Last rehersal, and Dan's coming tomorrow night. Gotta tie up some loose ends and pray that my gear comes from Musicians



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