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Monday, August 23, 2004

School Day One...

I have like three minutes till I have to go to bed. My mom is on a new 'get to bed by 11 exactly' kick. Meaning that my writing majorly suffers... I get all my good writing done late in the evening.

Today wasn't amazingly exciting. Cool to see some of my friends again who I haven't seen over the summer. I kept thinking that I saw Mitch, Kara, and Jessie around the building... of course, I don't. Mitch and Kara are at the High School and Jessie is in High School in the great state of Montana. It's just... weird I guess. I don't know if I really quite like it yet, it is different being the oldest in the school. No older girls to hit on anyways ;).

Disclosure document day mostly, cept Yearbook when we were all wrapped in Sarran wrap. I got my Birthday Present from Jessie and Elise today, which majorly kicked A and was hilarious. I recorded it all so they could watch my expression. Interesting gifts, but I won't mention most of them till Kara sees them. Other then my kick-A poster of Amy Lee who is THE best vocalist on the planet. Period. And my Something Corporate video that Elise recorded for me forever back.

Well, its 'past curfew' so I get to go to bed. Oh joy... anyways, getting up early so I can get some guitar practice in. Geez, school screws up everything... no more four hour jam sessions ;).



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