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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Five guys, a girl, and football

NP- Break Myself
by Something Corporate
(second NP- Obvious by Blink 182)

Break Myself... I swear that is the theme of my life. 'I'm willing to break myself... I'm not afraid'. And I really am. I'm willing to do whatever it takes not for my own happyness, but hers. 'I'm willing to bleed for days, my reds and grays, so you don't hurt so much'. Screw my happyness, I have gotten to the point where I don't care about me anymore. Gotten to the point where I don't care if I am loved, don't care if I am alone. I just want her to be happy. For him to stop being a bastard and stop playing her. For him to actually love her so she can be happy. For all this to stop. For things to work out the way they are supposed to. For her to be able to just smile, be happy and laugh without problems lingering in the back of her mind. I would Break Myself for a change, a difference.

Well, today I got up way too early for my own good. I was dying... but I told my grandpa to be here and we would get to work. He's ususally feeling better earlier in the morning anyways. So, we worked on my room. Finished sheetrocking the ceiling and were done by about noon. Then I hung around till I called Kara and we decided to do something. So, we went to play Football with Mitch and his friend John. That was fun, we just goofed off and had a good time. Saw Jared and Sean so we talked to them for a bit too. Then we all headed back to my place and played guitar and piano, just a little mini jam session for fun.

After that, hung out at home and watched my little brother while my parents headed to somewhere. I don't even remember where to be honest. Then Kimball called me and Kara, Jared, Mitch and I headed to the movies. Saw Shrek 2 again. And the rest is history.

Obvious is awesome live, you can feel more emotion then you can from the studio recorded version. if you haven't seen it. Maybe it's more of a 'means something to me' kinda thing. Who knows, I get to get up and go to school tomorrow and sit through that while I sort things out. Not worrying about them didn't work for me. I swear something will change. I will make sure of it.

''I'm willing to break myself to shake this hell from everything I touch...''



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