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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Get out of this place while we still have time...

NP-By The Way
by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Yes, I know that the title is NOT from the song By The Way. It's a Jimmy Eat World song on their cd 'Futures'. Think that might even be the name of the song... I can't remember, its too dang late to think.
Thank heavens for the All Request Moshpit. Thank you X96 for giving me something to do at midnight. I need to invest in 'The Best of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' and 'This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In' whenever I have extra money laying around that I'm doing nothing with.
Apparently, I'm supposed to get my last 65 bucks tomorrow morning meaning I can (finally) purchase my PODXT.
I've been way too reflective the last few weeks. It's a matter of accepting certain things and realizing that sometimes people end up in different directions. It's an interesting perspective to take when finding out who your friends really are. The question is, when no one's left, who do you turn to?
I want to write, but I think I could fall asleep at any second. I have to get up tomorrow for Conference. Essentially, I'll be listening to conference while working on the buttload of homework I have to do. Then after the homework's done, I'll do my Financial Lit stuff online. I already finished Health online and I found that fairly easy. The essays weren’t too fun, but weren’t terrible either.
Bleh, I wanna go to some kind of concert. Here is hoping Taylor comes with Mitch and I to go see Army of Freshmen. My weekend is essentially predetermined because of conference all day tomorrow, then my Saturday Night is taken away because of the Priesthood Session. Then Sunday is obviously taken away.
I swear, I can't think of a time I have wanted to just get away from absolutely everyone and everything more then right now.
I'm just kind of sick of the life I'm living. I've had this strong urge to just 'get away'. I don’t know where I'd really go, but I really wish I could just get out and be completely alone somewhere with my guitar. Would give me a chance to write and stuff. Not like I'd be that way forever, but even a few days alone somewhere with all my equipment recording a few tracks and stuff would be cool. Even better, being able to get out to some local place or something and meet new people.
Actually, lets just say both. Write during the day, socialize at night. That would be a great week off from life.
I'm looking forward to staying in Idaho. That really will be a great opportunity to get away from everything. I can do whatever classes I want to do online in the daytime and jam in the evening. Restoring the old Strat is going to be a fun project as well and I imagine I'll be able to learn quite a bit. Nice to get away from my friends and family for a while too and just abandon life to hang out in a different state with different people. There's all these cool little things I want to do or try, but something's always holding me back. Be it time, resources, or parents, it's always something.
I think part of a cause of this want to get 'away' is caused by repression by my mom. She is a very very overprotective person and it really irritates me sometimes. I love her to death, but I swear...
Alright, enough whining, I'm getting to bed.


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