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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Guess I could wait...

by Something Corporate

Today was one of those days where once second, you don't know what exactly you're doing, and the next, you're somewhere else...

I woke up and just kinda bummed around the house and cleaned a little bit mostly because I knew I had company most likely comming in the evening. We had a pretty bad storm over here all day long today so I didn't really get out of the house a ton, at least in the day.

Called Meg and tried to work out a plan for the evening, we ended up planning on doing something later in the evening after I had mutual. It was a little tricky and after the evening was all said and done, looking back on it I'm surprized things actually worked out.

Around six thirty, I left to meet with the teacher's quorum because we had planned on taking a bike trip through provo canyon. I thought it would have been canceled due to weather, but the skies cleared up, so we went.

I was in a bit of a rush, because I really wanted to get home and see Meg for as long as I possibly could before I took off for Idaho. So I kinda tried to go as fast as I could, but of course even though Cole, Dave and I made it off the trail first, I forgot to consider the fact that everyone else doesn't go quite as fast as the three of us do ;). The actual ride was really great though, beautiful scenary, and during the trip, we passed under a bridge. Kinda lame, but as tradition follows, I held my breath and made a wish (I'll probably read this later in my life and think 'what a fruit...'). That plays in a little before the evenings ends, otherwise I wouldn't have put it. So anyways, after the traid we headed to a local Subway and grabbed some food while we waited for everyone else to finish.

Finally made it home around 9:30, which was a bit later then I told Meg that I would get home, and she supposedly had to leave at 10:30 presenting a little bit of a problem for us...

She managed to buy some time, and she was able to stay till after the show got over.

So, Cole was already over, and Meg was comming with her sister Mollie (I appolodgize if I spelled her name wrong...). They made it around 10 or so and we watched School of Rock.

Alright, I figure 'what the heck', so I'll post the rest of it considering that there are maybe two people total who actually read this. I kinda like not having lots of people reading it, just because it gives me a chance to say whatever I want :). So, if you don't wanna read me getting all emo on you, stop reading this ;).

I question how much of the movie Meg and I actually watched, we basically just cuddled the whole time trying to fit nine days of not seeing each other into a single evening. It was so great to be able to see her again, she's just such an amazing person... We just did cute little things the whole time with each other and just kinda would gently kiss each other on the neck and stuff. The whole evening was really cool, and things were just really cool the whole evening.

We went a little over curfew for Meg (even though she didn't have a set curfew) so her mom called just as the movie was getting over...

So we were just lying on the ground while the credits of the movie rolled and I can't even really tell you what happened before we kissed. It was just kinda out of no where, somewhat expected by both of us, but I really can't even being to describe how it happened. Then I said something about 'letting me try that again' so I was able to do a better job then the first time (in my opinion), and a little longer then the first again.

So, we just stood up, cause we had to leave and were telling each other how much we were going to miss seeing each other and had one last kiss goodbye...

Now, that one took the cake :).

For lack of being too descriptive, I won't get too in depth with that. It was definitely the best of the three and the longest. I swear, it seemed like it would just keep going on. It almost seems like I could hold on to that one forever...

After a little while, we headed upstairs and into the car. Drove home and I walked her into her house. I decied it might be smart to appolodgize to her mom just to smooth things over (about being a little late) so I did. Then I gave her one last hug and she kissed my neck before I left...

And now, I don't get to see her for the next 11 days...

Well it's two in the morning, and I want to write a little more before I get to bed. So I'm off.

Oh, on a side note: Kara (the one and only person who reads this), kinda ironic that it was School Of Rock, huh ;)



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