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Saturday, July 02, 2005


by Lonestar

[A really cute email I got from Meg]

hey Hun,

I know what you mean I miss you already. I had to set my status to offline just so I could write I would try to write something and some one kept interrupting me.

Hmm after you left here, I just sat around. I went to Bryce's and hug out with him, Evan, jack, karlee, and Mollie for a little while. Then I went to Karlee's house and tried to learn how to C-walk didn’t work to well, but I will get it someday I hope hehe. then I came home and watched a movie with my bros and then talked to you for a while. And of course played mommy. when I got of the computer, daisy woke I didn’t get to sleep for a while after that. Finally I had to take her to my mom, I felt bad but I just couldn’t stay awake with playing 'mommy' didn’t work to well I don’t think I passed lol. but there is always another night. after I got in my bed I couldn’t go to sleep go figure lol. I just kept thinking about this amazing guy...

now this guy is just the sweetest thing you could ever know...I don’t think he even realizes how much he means to me. see when he just say hey to me, I light up and cant stop smiling. when he holds me I just feel amazing and every care just slips away. when he kisses me its like the world stops and its just me and him.

I understand completely about the Love thing...the way you explained it was me you can love with all your heart now, but the next day isn't the same cause you care about the person even more. so love is just changing all the time...faster for some and slow for others. for me its going pretty fast. see I met this kid at school, never talked to him much. thought he was funny and cute. but I wouldn’t talk to him I just felt to dumb

Then year book day came and he helped me into a line...doesn’t seem like a big deal...but it was to her. then he wrote in her year book a email address. I thought cool, but didn’t think any thing would happen form a email. just a hey now and then, nothing big. but then she started talking to him and realized how great of a guy he was. then she came home and started hanging out with him...and her life hasn’t been the same.

Shane, you have made a big difference in my life and I want to thank you for it...your amazing. there are they guys that you meet and you think there amazing but then you find out there not...then there is the few people that you meet and you think they will just be friends...and then they happen to mean to world to you.

I can say with all my heart and know its true that I love you, and care about you even more the you know!

haha I have been serious for a while, I have to make some kind of joke but I have I don’t know what to say for once in my life *gasp* lol jk

Well Shane I hope you have a awesome time...sounds like you will. have fun doing everything you have planed. I will talk to you later babe.....and baby I am amazed by you with all my heart, love Meghan

[Another email I sent to Meg]
Hey babe,

Ironic that you're the one headed out to Idaho, at least we're both gone at the same time, that was we won't miss each other when we both get back :). I can't wait to just be with you again... I miss that feeling. I hopefully will be able to call you really soon (gonna be tricky considering that you'll be gone). If all else fails, I'll call you on Monday because I really want to be able to talk to you again.

I'm really sorry your day was a little crappy and filled with some guy issues... I know how that goes. If there's anything I can do to help in any possible way, make sure I know and I'll try to fix it.

I'm probably not thinking straight right now, cause it's a little after four in the morning right now, and I'm a little tired. So this one probably won't be as long as I promised it would... and for that, I'm sorry... I did however promise that I would write an email, and I don't think I could make it through a whole day without writing to you. Its the only real way that I get to experience a piece of the day with you.

Alright, now to think of todays events...

I woke up at like 9:45 and took a shower, then hung out and stuff till a little bit after 11 and went over to Felicia's (Felicia is Dan's daughter, FYI) friend's house, Holly to watch movies and stuff. I just kinda hung out and acted lazy and we watched Coach Carter (which I now find to be a dumb movie). Then I borrowed Felicia's phone and sent you all those text messages cause I really missed you and I realized that I don't like movies as much without you there ;).

Ate some dinner back at Dan's, then headed out to the concert.

Normally, I'm not really a country fan. But believe it or not, I think this kinda converted me... The two bands before Lonestar were pretty good and were fun to listen to. After Lonestar came out though, everyone went crazy. There were TONS of people there and it was a really fun concert. I enjoyed checking out all their gear and watching how the band played together and stuff (I love the technical stuff, I watched their lead guitarist very closely and had to make a comment about every guitar he played, every amp he played, any effects he played through, ect.). But it was really cool how well they harmonized and put everything together. There were countless times throughout the concert that I wished that you were there with me, would have been fun to dance to all the slow songs. I watched all the other couples dancing and stuff and was thinking 'It would be so cool to be able to dance with Meg to this song and be able to kiss her again...'. It just would have been kinda romantic and cute.

See, if I was a perfect guy, I'd be able to pull off stuff like that, but I end up finding cute things I could do with you when I can't do them with you. Go figure.

But yeah, great concert. Got home a little after 11 or so, and Dan and I started having a bit of a Jam session which continued until a little after three in the morning. Then I settled down and started writing this email around 3:45. It's now about 4:30 or so, give or take a few minutes. But I realized there was no way I would be able to sleep without reading through the email you sent me a few more times, and then writing a response.

Thank you for absolutely everything. You truly make me a better person, build me up when I'm down, and treat me like I'm something a whole lot more special then I really am. It just confirms in my mind, what an angel you are. Unselfish, loving, beautiful, and amazing...

I love you and can't wait to see you again. I'll be back next Saturday, its only been two days, and it seems like forever already. Try not to run off with any other guys while I'm gone, I promise if you wait till I get back, I'll make it worth the while. lol, jk (well I guess I'm not really kidding about making it worth your while...;) ).

Anyways, I love you. Hope you have an amazing Saturday and are able to get out and do something fun.

Four thirty... I think I just realized how early in the morning that is... I must really love you :).



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