Pyro's Life: Fourth of July (wow, what a unique title...) </A>

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fourth of July (wow, what a unique title...)

NP- Mrs. Potter's Lullaby
by Counting Crows

[email from meg early morning on July 5th, probably about one AM]

hey handsome!

Hows your day been hun? i hope great :D Wow i am so tired hehe but i have to write you since you wrote me two emails andi havent writen back to either one yet.

So yeah today and yet not fun at the same time. Hahah we had a huge mix up didnt we...well at least its all said and done right. and its all fixed :) Which i am glad for.

Wow babe my mind is so not working i cant even think staright haha. (when do i ever?) lol/

dont you just love how my pargraphs are like one sentance long oh makes the email longer and easy to read...ok now i am just blabing. So forgive me if i say anything stupid or boring. I feel bad cause i am not being all cute....:( and i really want to be and make you smile...but right now its just not here..well i am not

I think that is way cute that your writing a song orange its so original...oh yeah wait you lied to me you didnt write a song about and orange...JK wait i dont even remeber if you said orange or not. man i am really losing it. i need some coffee JK. i would never drink coffee would i? lol

Man i feel like crap cause i havent said one cute thing yet in my email and i am so so so so *SO* sorry really i am but hun, i am brain dead. And i have to get up early in the moring and then go to work so i need some sleep. Man i am a jerk i am so so sorry. i love you so so so much (haha dont you just love all my 'so's' any ways you mean the world to me more then you will ever know...really i mean that. alright hun sweet dreams! and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! talk to you tomorrow!

love always Megs

[email from me around 11AM]

Hey babe,

Forgive me if this one isn't really long, I'm up a little late today and I still need to hop in the shower and possibly get some writing done now that I have a deadline ;)... lol, but I realized I have to write you, not writing you is like a sin or something :P.

lol, I could tell you were just a little bit tired in the last email, I hope you managed to get at least a little bit of sleep. You really didn't have to write me back last night... I would have rather you gotten some sleep, heaven knows you needed it :). Regardless, it WAS cute and it made me smile, just something cute to read before I went to bed.

Yesterday was an interesting day to put it in simplest terms. I woke up, took a shower, then talked to you on the phone for a little bit. Then Felicia stuck in 'Without a Paddle' and I watched that with her and Dan. I thought it was pretty funny, but not as funny as everyone hyped it up to be.

After that, I played guitar for a while and did a little bit of writing, then I got some ideas for recording, so I worked on that for a few hours till I ran out of creativeness (lol, is that a word?) and decided to stop. Then I ate dinner and got ready to go. Got that phone call from you right as I was walking out the door.

I'm sorry I'm so retarded. I couldn't really hear you on the other line, and things got just a tad mixed up. Then the whole way up I was trying to process it all in my head thinking "Wait, this doesn't really make sense'. And then I had crappy reception up there, meaning I couldn't call you and was stuck to trying to figure it all out over text messages :P.

Oh well, everything is all fixed now. Sorry I'm such a retard... I got a little worried and my stomach didn't sit right, but I guess thats what happens when you think you've lost an angel...

But, thank heavens I didn''t.

lol, anyways, we'll skip that part, pretend it didn't happen or something :).

After I got home and called you, Dan and I watched The Eagles in concert till I fell asleep. Then I came upstairs to find the cute email that you sent me.

Alright babe, well I better get my butt in gear. Try to have a little fun at work today (at least, as much as you can). I love you more then you know and I hope you never forget that. You are my angel, and an amazing person who helps me to be a much better person then I am now. You give me a reason to wake up each day and I look forward to every single moment I get to spend with you. I love you.



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