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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So much better then yesterday...

My B day kicks major-A over my 'A' day. First period, I ran around and helped kids open their lockers all period long (office aid). Second period was just plain funny, Mr. Dibb is an awesome guy and is just dang cool which will make Biology so much easier. Algebra II... well, it's Algebra II. Smith is an alright guy. Carrie is in that class, which is really awesome. She's a cute girl and its fun to talk to her. Last period is Seminary, which was also totally awesome. It's so cool to have a little spiritual boost during school. Kinda weird, in a good way though.

After school, I went to my Grandparents and mowed the lawn. My grandma and I ran to Sonic for some food, then I stopped off at the local guitar store to see what they had. Not a whole ton, mostly an Ibanez store. Nice to have a local store with strings, straps, and other accessories though.

After that, came home and mopped the floor (oh joy, how fun). Then Mitch came over and I taught him more guitar stuff. I also started writing more music while he was here. Wrote a piano piece with a backup guitar part. Haven't worked on a lead part yet, I probably will get the whole thing done after I get my Gibson SG. Also, haven't fitted it to any of my music. Hopefully I will be able to get that done.

Mitch and I went to mutual with our guitars to continue lessons. It turned more into a little jam session. Not really playing together, cause Mitch was just mostly goofing off and I was rehersing Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) and a bunch of other stuff. I have to keep learning and progressing. I want to learn more cool acoustic songs since I'm on an acoustic kick now :). Power chords just aren't the same on an acoustic guitar. I love my acoustic though. I played for about four hours today, on and off. I just love playing., don't have anything planned. I gotta make some cash somehow... I need my guitar really really bad. I also hope the dude from Puerto Rico gets my money order to me soon. I need the cash...



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