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Monday, September 13, 2004

69 degrees is almost perfect

by Something Corporate

If you have not heard that song, find it. It is only released on the Japanese version of 'North', but you can get it online via certain programs that start with a Win and end with an MX, or a certain Bear that likes Sharing... Amazing song.

The whole night is kinda Something Corporate themed though. I've been listening to She Paints Me Blue, Caldecott Tunnel (amazing song, agian), This Broken Heart... I mean, they are all great. A kind reminder why Something Corporate is my favorite band hands down.

Tonight is like almost entirely black. Only a few stars shine bright. Stupid light polution, wish I was in Heber so I could actually see the stars again. It is barely too chilly tonight, 69 degrees, it needs to be about five degrees more and it would be perfect. It's been a while since I've been out here in the night, it's my favorite place to think though, and I haven't really thought about things for a long time, too long...

Standard day school wise, spent the day doing the regular stuff. Finally saw my Napoleon video, quite entertaining, i'll try to snag a copy for your viewing pleasure. So you can see that I truly don't care what other people think :). We read Edgar Allen Poe today in English. I can't reacall the name of the story, but to seek revenge, a man leads another man into the catacombs of his family, chains him up, and walls him off. Leaving the man to slowly die... Awesome story, Poe kicks A. Yearbook was the regular 'figure out what we are going to get done' deal. Chelsey and I started reading the old yearbooks from the other schools near the end of the period to 'get ideas'. We found quite a bit of funny stuff :). Kinda one of those 'had to be there to find it funny' things though. Regardless, fun.

After school, went to my grandparents to mow the lawn. Tried to get Ender's Game from the library, but it was unfortunately checked out... I need to snag a copy somehow really really soon.

Last few nights have gotten me thinking about different things. Whats really missing in my life or what's incomplete. I have found out a lot of stuff from a few different people (not particularly relating to my problem), which has also broadened my range of thinking. It's going to be interesting to see how it all unravels and plays out. But then again, life always happens that way.

Tomorrow Mitch is comming over with his amp that he finally managed to get, meaning we can actually start playing. Lets hope he's good enough to play some bass or backup, we'll see how it all fits together. I have a music video to do for geometry, meaning I need to schedule a time with Mrs. Jennings to use the stage to shoot the video. Who knows, might get that done sometime this week. I can't wait till this weekend. I really wanna go do something with Trisha and Kara, especially since I haven't seen them for two weeks. Unfortunately, it's not summer anymore. Meaning we can't hang out every night like we used to. Stuck with Friday or Saturday. It can't come soon enough.



At 7:02 PM, Blogger Angel of Redemption said...

You SOOOO totally took that from me ( They say don't play with matches, They say that you'll get burned, but the day I found the matches was the day the tables turned) but that's ok.... I would however request that everyone note that..... and I know what story you're talking about from English...we read it last year. I liked it....kind creepy. My fav story though by him is the Tell-Tale Heart. Totally freaky and awesome. Can't wait to hang out! Love- Kara
[]D [] []V[] []D ~ sweetness huh!! lol


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