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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Green Day

NP- American Idiot (again)
by Green Day

A week from tomorrow till the new CD comes out. Im so freaking stoked, I love Green Day. I think I could be adicted :).

Well, Saturday was fun. I got up, went and bought some guitar strings, came home and my mom started painting. She won't let me paint, or anyone else for that matter. Too much of a perfectionist, thats why I love her :). We went to this guitar contest thing where they were giving away ten free guitars and a bunch of other stuff. Went to that at six, won some guitar strings and talked to Katy because she was there. Wanted to stay for the concert afterwards, but I couldn't cause my mom was waiting for me and we needed to start painting again. Came home and I watched the kids while my mom kept painting.

Today was a typical sunday, nothing spectacularly amazing. My mom's been sick all day today, nauseated. Not a good thing. I found a mouse in my room tonight, couldn't catch it though, so hopefully it'll eat the rat poison or I'll find it tomorrow. If my mom knew, she'd freak...



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