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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Dan the Man

NP-My Name is Jonas

There's just something cool about the alternative bands like Weezer, Something Corporate, Motion City Soundtrack, and Counting Crows. It's just their distinctiveness, their own playing style, and their unique vocalists. Lyrically, they are all definately their own. I don't know, the whole mood an atmosphere is different from other bands. You are very unlikely to mix up Motion City Soundtrack with any other band. Same with Something Corporate and Weezer, you just know who it is. Kudos to all you awesome artists who are like that. Alternative rock is awesome.

Today was actually a pretty good day, school was subaverage as usual. I put up the Marque anouncements today, which is a royal pain in the butt. Hold a big long stick with a suction cup on it and put up plastic letters. Your neck kills at the end, as well as your arms. Rest of the day was pretty standard. Seminary was totally awesome though. We had a lesson on prayer and then launched a little into the New Testement and read a little about Christ. It really was awesome, I love feeling the spirit in school.

After school, came home and my grandpa and I went downstairs to work for a little bit. He put in the window frame and I sanded the room. He went home and I kept sanding. I had dust EVERYWHERE. I had the dust up my nose, in my eye... gall. The worst is, that dust gets wet (up your nose or in your eye) and turns to sheetrock putty.... so Ive been getting sheetrock goobers out of my eye all day. And my eyes are way dry.

Still, point is that I got it done. All sanded and ready for another finishing layer of putty. I've been quite busy lately with my room and stuff... Can't wait till it's done.

Dan came over to give me my guitar lesson around 7:30 pm or so. It was really awesome, we just played for like an hour and a half straight, then grabbed a bite to eat and talked for about another hour or so. He really is an awesome guy and an awesome guitarist. Learning from him is awesome. Can't wait till next week.

Got a Gibson shirt that my dad gave me as a little 'pre-birthday' gift. It's really cool :). Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm turning fifteen... wow. I can rememeber a year ago, scary. Seems not so long ago... One year till I (legally) drive.

Hopefully tomorrow is a good day, I don't have to go to French because I do Picture day, which is a very very good thing. I know I'm gonna get behind, but thats alright. I'll catch up :).

-Shane (I'm getting old...)


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