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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Guitar and Putty

NP- Round Here
by Counting Crows

Today was long. My mom left for New Mexico this morning to go see my uncle Ryan who is in the hospital. That was like six thirty this morning. I got up about ten thirty. I finished puttying my room over the course of the day, and all together played guitar for about four hours. We also went to see Harry Potter 3 as a family. My little bro wanted to see it, though he ended up thinking it was stupid. My dad and I had already seen it and knew it wasnt spectacular. I really dont like the Harry Potter movies, they totally kill the spirit of the book. But yeah, casual day. Kimball called me to see if I could go to the movies with him, Chelsey, TJ, and some other girl whom I cant remember her name. Unfortunately, I couldnt. Though that would have been a blast.



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