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Monday, August 30, 2004

Another Monday

Don't Mondays always seem like they last forever? Summer moves by so fast, and the school year drags on. I've only been in school for a week. Thats it. One week... holy crap...

Well, today wasn't too bad school wise. Biology was kinda dull, surprisingly enough. The most exciting thing in that class was when I dropped the graduated cylinder on the floor and it splashed everywhere. Algebra II wasn't too bad. Got good scores on my quiz, homework, and stuff. Carrie is in that class too, which is cool. Seminary was seminary. There was a slight chance that Megan was going to get to be in my seminary class, but she ended up with Brother Anderson instead. Oh well, we just kinda talked and stuff on the way there so at least I can see her before and after class.

After school, I went to my grandparents like I normally do. Mowed the lawn, came home and hung out. Then we went to the mall for a little while and I played around with some effects pedals. Then we went to my Aunt Trudy's so she could brainstorm some ideas for my room. It's gonna be awesome whenever it finally gets done...

Trying to come up with some money so I can finally buy my guitar... any ideas or schemes would be apreciated. Trying to think of anything at all that I could possibly sell... hmm.



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