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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Gibson SG Special

NP- Okay, I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
by Brand New

My birthday was awesomely amazing. I woke up at like seven and my mom surprised me with my Gibson SG Special. She had payed off the rest of it. It's an awesome guitar with a tone totally different from my other electric. The pickups in it are 490R at the neck 490T at the bridge. Identical to the humbuckers Brand New uses in one of their guitars. I'm too lazy to go look up his name, Ill do it when I'm unlazy.

Rest of the day was awesome too. First thing when I got to school on Thursday, everyone in my Student Counsil class said happy birthday. Then we made posters for the upcomming dance for the rest of the period. Second period was slow. Third period I got out of French and did yearbook pictures. Basically, that turned into talking with Chelsey the whole time. Which of course, isn't a bad thing :).
Came home and played with my guitar and talked online with everyone for a little. Then Kara came over. Really nice of her to come over and say 'hey'. She gave me a gift card to Hot Topic, which I used later in the evening to buy my 'Vote for Pedro' shirt. Then my grandparents came and gave me this awesome Japanese lamp. Then I played my guitar till we went to Chili's for dinner. Got some baby back ribs, which were delicious, and Dan came so we invited himt o dinner. He did the amazingly kind thing and bought me a tuner for my birthday. Which is EXACTLY what I needed. With a tuner, I can tune my guitar however I want, and make sure its always in tune without using the stupid piano. Today I used it and tuned my guitar down half a step (so all my strings are flat), which had an awesome sound. That's the tuning Brand New uses, so I played with that. Also tuned to C# so I could play Obvious. Decided that I wanted to learn Okay, I Believe you, but my Tommy Gun Don't, so I printed it off and figured it out. Not too hard, but I haven't quite got it all down. Close, but not quite.

Today was just school. Nothing amazingly spectacular. Power went out all over town but our school (dangit...), I got about a million comments on my Vote For Pedro shirt. Whole classes rose up and started shouting 'Vote for Pedro!', no lie. Moon's class did it. Heck, I even got administrators asking about it. It was fetching hilarious.

After school, played guitar. A lot. Had at least three hours of playing tonight. Jessie J. called me, and we talked for a little while, which was awesome. It was so good to talk to her again. But, unfortunately I am tired, so I am going to bed. I need to write, since I haven't in a little while.



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