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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

NP Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Green Day (also on American Idiot)

'My shallow heart's the only thing thats beating'.

Great song, one of the best on the CD. Today sure was interesting. I got up and went to Jazz Band, gall getting up was hard... Anyway, I got into the class so I am now officially in Jazz Band. Amazing that I actually did band again. That's something I never saw myself doing again. But it gives me a chance to learn, so I'll take it. Whatever I can do to be a better guitarist, I'll go for it.
Rest of the day was pretty mild. Didn't do well on a French quiz (again)... I need to work a little harder I think, be able to apply myself more into my work.

Tonight is my 'drink away my pain' kinda night. Chance to think about things, haven't got one of those for a while... So the caffine will keep me going tonight as I get a chance to sort things out. My mind is taxed so heavily, I do it to myself though. Every time, it's my own fault. I'm the one thinking. I'm the one wondering whats going to happen next. The one trying to sort it all out. The one holding on. The one who makes myself upset. I just want to go to bed and wake up and have it all be fine. There's too much of a chance of hurting myself to be optimistic. Being pesamistic can help problems sometimes, your able to think that things won't work the way they planned, setting yourself up so you don't have to face the disappointment if things don't happen. Dreaming, loving, hoping... unfortunately only get you so far. Yet, giving up gets you no where. Things like dreaming and loving require a sacrifice. Nothing comes easy when you love someone... Being with someone is always temporary, until you get married. It just is. You go out with someone and usually within a few weeks, it's over. Love though, isn't always temporary. Kinda sticks with you, regardless of what happens.

Before that happened though, I came home from school and ordered a Gig Bag, geez, dropped twenty five bucks, meaning I'm that much more in debt. I don't have any money for my CD on Tuesday... And the money I earn on Monday will be going towards my gig bag debt. I had to have the Gig Bag though, because I had to put my SG in my 50 year old acoustic case, which is kinda falling apart... that and an acoustic case is deeper then an electric meaning that I had to use a towel and a few blankets to fill the empty spaces so that my SG wouldn't bump around all over. Guitar's been quite the expensive little hobby. I've dropped, lets see... about $880.00 so far. And I plan on spending $300 to get my new amp, plus there's a few pedals I want to get as well. I need a new job or source of income... I still have a bunch of these wands that I could sell off, but the selling season probably won't start till the second week of October. Lets hope I get a little bit off of that.

We went to the game. Cavemen kicked Lone Peak's butt and it was a pretty good game. 9-7, Cavemen won. We all yelled and got into the game, some of us more then others. By the end of the night my throat was raw and ears were ringing. Trisha and Kara can scream pretty loud ;).

After the game, we were walking down the sidewalk and a truck ran into a mailbox, slid up against a telephone pole, and almost hit three kids. Lucky for us, we were on the oposite side of the sidewalk. We talked to the kids who were running from the truck afterwards and they didn't seem too shaken up. We were though. I had that sick feeling in my stomach for the rest of the night. Stupid idiots driving the car. They didn't even stop to see if anyone was alright, just drove off as fast as they could. We were extremely fortunate and blessed that we didn't choose to be on that side of the sidewalk, because out of the six of us walking, at least one of us would have gotten hit. And it could have been the end for one of us right then. Luckily those other kids were alright as well. Really freaky though...

Went back to Kara's and listened to her awesome 400 watt sterio. Went home and sat outside and thought. Interesting long night.



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