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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Every Tuesday...

NP- F.O.D.
by Green Day

I swear every freaking tuesday, I get in some fight with my mother... I hate it. It's pointless. And ALWAYS on Tuesdays, I swear it's like planned or something...

Anyways, just gonna try to forget it. Talked to Kara on the phone today for like 20 min or so, then I had to go to mutual. We had some little deal on dating and stuff, basically what I already knew. Some of it was hilarious, like on a date would you 'link arms' or hold hands. What kinda gay person 'links arms'. Also, kiss goodnight or 'firm handshake' goodnight... Hug maybe if it was a first date, what kinda loser would shake your girlfriends hand goodnight though... geez.

Anyways, got through that. Not too evenful of a day. Got home and my mom had been reading the back of my Warped Tour CD, some of the songs she wasn't too happy with. So I continued to explain them and what they were. Apparently she didn't aprove of Bloody Valentine (Good Charlotte). I mean come on... its a freaking Good Charlotte song. And one of the few I still like. Therefore, I'll keep listening. Had she read my poetry, containing themes of death, suicide, revenge, multiple swear words, and other fun morbid themes, I think she'd be disturbed. My mom tends to read way too much into things. My dad really saved my butt this time, lyrically. Making the point not to generalize a genre. Just because one song is bad, doesn't mean the whole genre, or even band is. He referred to a few country songs with bad lyrics in them. Really saved my butt. Thanks dad.

Maybe he understands that telling a story about murder isn't a bad thing. Look at Me and The Moon. Amazing story. Or look at anything on T.V. Hello, remember Lori Hacking? What was done to her? She was murdered. We hear what happens with her story all the time, and her murder unfortunately was more brutal then anything you would hear in Me and the Moon or Bloody Valentine.

It's art, apreciate it or not. But do not diss it or label it as 'bad' just because it has a theme of murder, w/e. Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades is a great song, and whats it about? Sex. About a boy being forced into a position he didn't want to be longing for an escape. Promising himself 'never again'. Is that bad? In my opinion, no it is not. If it was all like 'lets promote sex!' then yes, it would be a bad thing in my opinion.

I'm just glad she hasn't heard American Idiot, who knows what kinda crap I'd get for that one. 'What is he saying, what does that mean?' For those of you who don't know what American Idiot is about, it can be translated a few different ways, read the lyrics. It's about Americans being controlled by the media, and the basic fact that Americans can be idiots. I know a lot of idiots here who are controlled by everything they see on T.V. This song is also a blast against Bush and how not everyone in the U.S. isn't represented by his actions. Personally, I agree with what Bush is doing. I'm one of the few Republican punks ;). I hate the idiotic Americans controlled by the media who are totally ignorant to everything. People like that make undeducated decisions which screws our country up and brings people like Bill Clinton to be president ;). If we wern't in Iraq right now helping rebuild the country and establish government, I believe a ruler similar to Hitler would rise from the ashes to unite the people. Anyone remember World War I? Germans were in war debt up to their ears and trying to rebuild the country. Adolf Hitler came to power and made different promises uniting the people, leading to a very large problem... Most of you know the rest of the story about World War II.

Not saying Iraq would be capable of starting a world war, considering we leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki with an atomic bomb when Japan launched an attack on Pearl Harbor. In a way, America has a tendency to always make sure that everything around the world is under control. Is that a bad thing?

There's more crap and I could launch off even more. Point is, I wanna listen to my dang music. I'm so glad my mom has never seen my poetry, She'd crap her pants. Green Day Rocks.



At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really support Bush! I thought you were gonna be one of the people that didnt....and thats so cool....cuz that stuff pisses me off so much and I dont like the whoe Rock Against Bush and the PunkVoter stuff. So i donno if i will buy the greenday cd cuz I think they are stupid and I dont want my 20 dollars going towards stupid stuff like that, but I was just saying that i think its cool that you are one of the people who doesnt hate Bush just because all "the cool people" are doing it. Well sorry for going off on it but thats one of those things that I happen to have a strong opinion about so...sorry...

Jessie (sorry I forgot to say who this was so you prolly wondered but its me....from wyoming jessie not one of the yah....see yah)


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