Pyro's Life: Hangover </A>

Sunday, August 29, 2004


NP-Easy Target
by Blink-182

Not literally a hangover. But I ache all over from last night. Last night was like the ultimate test of endurance. Mentally, physically, emotionally :). Now I am physically exhausted, emotionally exhausted, mentally exhausted. Woke up at like ten thirty because I stayed up till two or so watching a movie. So yes, I am still tired. School tomorrow... oh joy. Algebra II is my only hard class though, so I guess it can't be that bad. Today I just kinda hung around. I was really nauseated because of who knows why, but I just sat and watched a movie and it eventually went away. Then my mom and I dreamed up some plans for my room and I played guitar and cleaned my room. That was my evening.

Finished a poem I started a very long time ago. I just found it tonight and thought 'eh, what the heck, I'll finish it'. So I did. Check out 'Torsion' if anyone gets a chance. No one ever comments on my webpage, probably cause no one actually reads this :). I might have to start adveritising a little... ;).

-Shane (school tomorrow... can't wait for Biology, and never thought I would EVER say that).


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