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Friday, September 24, 2004


NP- St. Jimmy
by Green Day

I know, I've missed a few more days. Do I care? No. Tired people need their sleep :)

Woke up Tuesday and couldn't wait to get American Idiot. Wish I had a car and a lunch break so I could grab it. So, I went after school to go get it. The only copies they had were explicit. Meaning there was no edited version. I knew my mom probably wouldn't be really happy if I got an explicit CD, especially since our last little musical bout...

Went to scouts and all that jazz. Called Kara before and during mutual. Then talked to Jessie (Jackman) on the phone for a while. It was so great to talk to her again. I hadn't talked to her in a while.

Wednesday, school. Jazz band again in the morning, had to use my old case again since my new one had not yet arived. Standard school day though. I think it was Mr. Wright's birthday as well. Came home and learned how to play Jesus of Suburbia and almost memorized it. There's just a few spots I gotta master, then I'm good to go. Guitar lessons however didn't go extremely well. Whenever I sing and play guitar at the same time I always screw up my rhythem or play too fast. But just generally I wasn't happy with my playing overall either. I'll practice a little harder this week.

School, blah. Not a ton of highlights. I delivered a sack of eyeballs to some girl during office aid. Seminary was really good too, but thats the highlights of the school day. Stopped by Kara's house to say 'hi' and see how she was doing. No one answered, I could faintly hear a bass like sound playing. Called her a little later in the evening, and she had been home. Blasting her new sterio system :). Therefore, couldn't hear me. Homecomming game is tomorrow, I plan on going. Wish I could go to the homecomming dance too, but no one's 16 yet, so no one's really going anyway. I get to go when I'm a Freshman though :).

Mitch came over and brought American Idiot, so of course I copied it and did my own little editing job :). I swear I will buy it on my own if they ever come out with an edited copy. Heck, maybe i'll just buy an explicit version and not listen to it, but still be able to legally own it.

My case also came today, which is great. Meaning I have a decent case for Jazz Band that I don't have to jimmy rig to fit my guitar into it.

Called Jessie (Jackman) and talked to her for quite a while, till like ten or so. We talked about lots of stuff like we usually do till my dad finally told me to get off. Then I talked to Bethany online for a little bit while editing American Idiot and typing this. Now I am going to go to bed with the realitisation that I will only be sleeping for six hours tonight.



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