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Monday, September 20, 2004


NP-Jesus of Suburbia
by Green Day

I've been listening to American Idiot nonstop for the last few days. It finally comes out tomorrow. Yay.

I have missed who knows how many days. Quick recap of the highlights:

Dan and his family came down and took us out to dinner, unfortunately I wasn't feeling to great that evening. So when I got home, I just layed down and talked to Kara on the phone for a little while, then I played guitar for a little, and called Kara again. Saw Saints and Soldiers with my dad, awesome show.

Sunday was Sunday. Nuff said.

Today (Monday) got up and hung out around the house. Played guitar for a very short amount of time while watching my sister and my mom kept painting. Went to Napoleon Dynamite with Kara and Trisha. Line was huge so we missed a freaking half hour of the show. Oh well, it was still fun. Just joked around and had fun like we always do.

Sat at home and had family night and did some homework while talking online with Trisha and Kara. Then started writing the music for Torsion (yay!). It actually is an acoustic song so far. I don't know if I want any distortion in this one. A majority of it is riffs within minor chords and chords such as Asus2. Had a great long talk with Zach about various guitar equiptment. He straightened me out with the truth about Amps and the advantage of tube amps, ect. He really is an awesome guy.

NP- Twenty Four
by Switchfoot

Talking to Kara tonight was kinda hard tonight, I got to the point where words didn't really do any good at explaining what I wanted to say. Being speachless really frusterates me. I got a little bit figured out, meaning I can now stay up late contemplating what I'm going to do. I think I can hopefully make an educated decision now that I have the information I need.

School tomorrow... as well as the releace of AMERICAN IDIOT!



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