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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Eve and Day Of

NP-Forget December
by Something Corporate

First off, Merry Christmas to everyone and stuff. Christmas Eve was one of those busy days. Went to my Grandparents at 3 and hung out till about 5. It was my Grandpa's birthday. So, whole family was over and we all hung out and socialized. Afterwards, I went around dropping off everyones Christmas Presents (Sorry they were so lame, I ran out of cash :) ). Then went home and exchanged a few gifts and went to bed. Of course, I didn't go to bed. Stayed up and watched Nightmare Before Christmas THEN went to bed.

Christmas morning, woke up at seven. I got my awesome amp. I swear, that thing could shatter windows and kill small animals its so loud... Great during gigging, but I can keep it fairly low while at home :). I also got Metroid Prime 2 (the only game I have time for anymore) this cool rug/mat whatever you wanna call it thing, bunca candy and stuff. Overall, definately a good Christmas.

Played around with all the stuff then went to SLC and saw my grandparents and cousins. Then we got back and I played with my amp till one in the morning.

Sunday, it was Sunday. For some strange reason though, there were multiple hot girls in Sacrament Meeting today, I wonder where they all came from...?

8-12:45 (yay, its really late)
American Fork Central Stake
320 North 100 East



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