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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Blank, titleless, get over it.

Seventy Time 7 (still playing it :P)
by Brand New

Gall, thats a freaking awesome song.

Anyway, Wednesday was a standard casual day and stuff. Then Dan came over and we had an extremely good jam session. Learned some stuff and got a bit better at playing by ear and feeling the music, as well as feeling what sounds right when soloing. Really good lesson, helped me a ton.

I barely got up today, and got up late. I was wasted from staying up late the last two nights before and am kinda tired now too, but I decided that I had to do this just cause I didn't wanna wait a week to do it. Got to school 45 min late and just went through the day and stuff. Had a $*#^ load of homework to do and felt quite overwhelmed. I helped out my grandpa by hanging chrismas lights at his house. Got home and did homework for the rest of the night, I really don't know why I couldn't handle it very well, but I was fsking pissed off. Had to redo a bunch of ebay crap too, which probably didn't help make matters better by any means.

I really feel in a writing mood so I'm gonna see what I can crank out, its been a while since I last wrote something so lets see how things turn out shale we?


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