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Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Top 10 Of All Time:

NP- I'm Not Ok (I Promise)
by My Chemical Romance

Gall, today was worse then yesterday. Despite trying to be optimistic, it ended up not being fun. The overall school day was alright I guess. A4 we blasted American Idiot (the whole album) in the gym while getting ready for the dance and stuff. I swear, getting ready for the dances is always better then the actual dances. This year's dances have been pathetic.

Dance sucked. I don't wanna even take the time to describe it.

Alright, I'm tired of taking time complaining. Please forgive me for spending even that much time complaining.

'Excuse the bitchin'' - The Good Life by Weezer :P

Anywho, I figured I should have done this for a while. So, I will now reveal my...


Exciting eh? Lets get started:

15. Army of Freshman

Amazing Band. Not as commonly heard of. Infact, apart from Mitch, I doubt anyone I know has heard them. A mix of piano/keyboard rock. Awesome awesome band. Songs to listen to are 'Put Me In A Photograph, On The Night The Boardwalk Died, and Uniforms

14. Evanescence

Somewhat hesitant to place them on the list. Way WAY too mainstream now. Corporate sellouts... *sigh* WHY AMY WHY? Regardless, they have some amazing music. Songs you don't hear often that are worth listening to are Imaginary, Tournequit, and Hello

13. Thursday

I immediately fell in love with this band after listening to their album 'War All The Time'. They have tons of amazingly good songs. Their lyrics are simply astounding. I love their chaotic guitar parts that seem to echo on. These guys take advantage of dropped D :P. Songs to listen to are For The Workforce Drowning, M. Shepard, and War All The Time

12. Switchfoot

To be honest, I didn't love this band at first. Mainstream band (again) and was way overplayed. They have some very very good songs that have this feeling to them. Just a cool emotion you get from listening to them. Songs to listen to are On Fire, 24, and Dare You To Move

11. Blink-182

I know how many people hate blink and how tons of people think that they are untalented and suck at guitar. We all know that anyone under the sun can play anything that Tom's written. Even though they're simple, they are catchy. Blink really is just a fun band. Their new album, in my opinion, is their best. Shows a better side of blink. Songs to listen to are Dammit, Stockhome Syndrome, and Go.

10. Story of the Year

I love how they scream in their songs. They don't over use it and they scream at just the right parts just the right way to complement their amazing lyrics. They're extremely descriptive and its cool how they set you up in a world and tell a story. Songs to listen to are And The Hero Will Drown, Swallow The Knife, and Divide and Conquer.

Woah, made it through five of em, *breathes deeply and continues*

9. Cold

Really great band. Reminds me kinda of Evanescence in a way. Dark and powerful lyrics delivered through heavy metal riffs with a right mix of clean guitar as well. Somewhat reminds me of an emo sort of taste to, just becaue of the lyrics. Songs to liten to are Suffocate, Sad Happy, and Wasted Years.

8. Thrice

There aren't enough good things to say about Thrice. If you haven't heard them, buy their CD's. All of them. Lyrics are amazing, especially in Artist in the Ambulance and Don't Tell And We Won't Ask. Songs to listen to are Artist in the Ambulance, Don't Tell And We Won't Ask, and The Melting Point of Wax.

7. Sum 41

I'm surprized that I knocked Sum 41 back this far... kinda makes me sad. I love the new Sum 41 compared to the old. I like how their metal influences show through and mix with their punk roots. Chuck is a great CD, lyrics are quite good as well, especially in Angels with Dirty Faces. Songs to listen to are The Hell Song, No Reason, and Angels With Dirty Faces.

6. Counting Crows

I didn't love these guys at first and only listened to a few of their songs on their live album. But after really starting to listen to them, I realized how talented they are. You can tell when listening to Something Corporate that they were greatly influenced by this band. Amazing, heartfelt, sincere lyrics with cool lead guitar parts. Songs to listen to are Round Here, Mr. Jones, and A Murder of One.

Only five left... its almost one in the morning too. Holy crap.

5. Motion City Soundtrack

Another not extremely well known band. They have done a really great job at mixing keyboard and guitar parts together. The lyrics are cool, the music is cool, and has an innovative sound to it that no one else has done before. Songs to listen to are Modern Chemistry, Indoor Living, and The Future Freaks Me Out.

4. Weezer

Took an extremely unique spin and changed alternative music for the better. Weezer came up with something no one else had and complimented it with even more unique lyrics. Their style or writing is not like anyone elses. Plus, they have awesome solo's in their songs :) Songs to listen to are My Name is Jonas, Dope Nose, and The Good Life

3. Green Day

Founded the roots of lots of the music we have today. Their upbeat punk riffs revolutionized the music industry. Dookie changed the way music was written and recently was included in some magazine as the second best punk album of all time. American Idiot farther pushed Green Day's potential creating one of my favorite albums of all time. In my opinion, definately the album of the year. Songs to listen to are Minority, Holiday, and Jesus of Suburbia

2. Brand New

An extremely amazing band. Both their old and new stuff is extremely different, but extremely good. Their old stuff has a faster more punk feel to it while their new stuff has a more mature feel to it with almost a blues kinda punkish tone. The lyrics are simply amazing, from the breathtaking 'We pray as wolves among the sheep and slit the necks of soldiers while they sleep' to 'If looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring. You know we do this cause we care, not for the thrill. Collect call to home, to tell them that I realize that everyone who lives will someday die and die alone.' Songs to listen to are I Will Play My Game Benieth The Spin Light, Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't, The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows, The Shower Scene, and Seventy Times 7.

1. Something Corporate

For those of you who didn't see this one comming a million miles away, you must be blind and stupid at the same time. Something Corporate is in my opinion the single best band there is. Their music is unbelievable. Their lyrics are perfect. And their mix of piano into their work just adds to their ability. They combine the best of everything. Emo, punk, alternative, everything. Something Corporate's lyrics paint a vivid picture in your mind. You can literally see out of Andrew or Josh's eyes into whatever story is placed infront of you. From the moving lyrics of Me And The Moon and Konstantine to the stories Forget December and Fall. From the high school story of If You C Jordan to the story of Drunk Girl, they cover everything. This is the one band that I have been able to connect to most emotionally. I wish I could write nearly as well as Andrew does, he has this untouchable perspective of everything. It is truly amazing. Songs to listen to are everything by Something Corporate, but to be specific:

Forget December
Me And The Moon
I Woke Up In A Car
Cavanaugh Park
Break Myself

and many more.

Well, its one thirty in the morning and I'm starting to get tired. So I'm gonna sleep. Hope you enjoyed.



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