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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Back To The Good Life

NP- The Good Life
by Weezer

Another week has passed. Aparently insomnia has sept into my life again, causing me to be unable to sleep yet again. So I'm always way freaking tired and stuff... Making it hard to write cause im trying to get to sleep earlier. And making it harder to get to school on time.

Today kinda sucked. I woke up (late) and got an email canceling my 200 dollar deal with an ebay customer. Really pissed me off. Then being late to Jazz Band didn't help either. Skipped lunch cause they were out of food, no skittles in the vending machine (I know, boo hoo for me ;)). Then after school, took a biology test which I majorly screwed up. Had a bunch of math to do, which I still haven't finished. Mattie wasn't happy so I was trying to talk to her. I wanted to go see Trish play at her concert, but instead I had to go to some mutual thing. Then I got home and wanted to play guitar, but my sister was asleep (cause we didn't get home till like 9:30)...

A buncha little things, wasn't majorly a bad day I guess, but still was frustrating I guess. Sometimes even being optimistic (which I try to do extremely often) isn't enough.

So... 'screw this crap, I've had it' (man, I love Weezer). I'll just blow this shiz off and take a break tomorrow. Family party that I have to go to, but I will be bringing my acoustic and no one will be stopping me. No one. I'll play and sing as well as I damn well please (cause it makes me feel good :)). There's just something about playing guitar that helps me feel good. It's my way of expressing emotion and I enjoy it.

I love Weezer. Amazing band. period.



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