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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Out of debt and onto business

NP-Seventy Times 7
by Brand New

Finally, it only took me three months, but I finally am out of debt. It's feels so freaking good to be out of debt and not owe anyone anything. Right now I'm selling more on ebay, hopefully my stuff will sell cause I need the cash for my new item.

Line 6 Flextone II HD, which is an awesome amp. Whopping 300 watts (probably more then I need) and is pretty much the best solid state head that money can buy. Line 6 does great work emulating tube amps, this one actually emulates 36 different amps. Does a dang good job of it too.

Retails for about $1,000. On ebay, I can get it for about $440 after shipping. Then I gotta buy a cab for it, not sure exactly what I'll get. Most likely a Fender cab. Unfortunately, it has to handle 300 watts, which costs me a little more then one that only needs to handle 100. That will probably cost me $300 used after shipping.

$800ish total for the whole thing... not cheap at all, but worth it.

Right now I've got a whopping $128 sitting in Paypal... after ebay, hopefully I'll have at least $328. Then $150 for christmas, and $80 if I sell my Clie. So, an additional $230. Hopefully by Christmas, I'll have $558. Enough to cover my head and give me a little bit of a start on my cab. Maybe if I get more fortunate then I am already, I'll fall into even more money.

Today I stayed home and did homework. Joy.

Took care of ebay stuff, went to my grandparent's house then our family picked out a christmas tree. Around 10:30, we got it in the house and just enjoyed each other's company for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow I go back to school (not fun), but I do get to see my friends tomorrow, so thats a good thing at least.



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