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Monday, January 03, 2005


by Blink-182

First off, I'd like to anounce the end of an era. My favorite pair of headphones which have stayed loyal to me for over three long years (cheapo freebie headphones that I got back when I bought my Gameboy Advance) have finally passed away. After noticing that the plastic covering to the cable was comming off near the jack of the headphones and revealing the wiring, I waited for the end to come soon...

Mind you, this was my first pair of headphones that were the 'behind the head' style we all have grown to love. This puppy came out after that behind the head style became popular.

Lent my pair of earphones to my sister and when they were returned, I noticed a short in the right ear of my beloved headphones... So I'll probably have to steal a pair of my dads or something. I don't know, headphones don't tend to last long with me and usually end up shorting out for some stupid reason. If/When I get headphones for studio recording, I hope they last longer then these stupid little buggers i've bought before.

Though, kudos to these old GBA headphones for lasting me so long. I truly am greatful for all the service they have shown me. May you rest in peace...

Wow, that was a pointless rant. Went to school and it was pretty much school. Long, booring, ect. I have a 300 page book I get to read and write a report before Friday on. As well as a mini-deadline due on Friday as well in Yearbook... Plus I can imagine what's in store for me tomorrow for Algebra II and I bet I have seminary homework from ditching school (and aparently seminary) at least four times this semester, meaning I get to do something to make it up. Who knows what that might be. I can't wait for this stupid term to end.

Kudos to Trish on her two tests today. Sounds like me and most of my math tests as well as my French quiz today ;)

Drama occured today (aparently?) and I got a call from Mariah after school. My goal is to stay as far away from the situation as humanly possible. An undramatic year, psh, very unrealistic new years resolution but who cares. My other ones are cooler anyways and last year I didn't do well on those resolutions I made anyways. Plus, usually it isn't me who causes the drama. I just tend to make it worse or get sucked in somehow ;). Usually my own intention.

Got home, did homework, played guitar (singing sucks when you're voice is gone. You're vocal range is very constricted), and read. Yes, read. All night long. Good book called Fifth Dawn, but I'm so freaking scared I won't get the damn thing done by Friday. Though being the master procrastinator that I am (over inflated ego rises even more), I figure I'll get it done.

We DID go out for icecreme at Cold Stone today, and I guess that was cool. Nice little break with the family, eat ice cream, relax a little.

Talked to Dan on the phone and he's gonna come over Wednesday and we're taking a soddering iron to my baby till I fix the stupid thing. I really do NOT want to blow money right now on anything. My plan is to buy the SoCo tix sometime next week. The sooner the better, so whenever I get everyone's cash I'll be able to purchase those. Then I will probably save for the rest of the month to get some cool crap when I'm at the concert. I can always use more Something Corporate stuff. Though mcgrabbles (had to use that one for Mitch) knows that I will blow more money then I should, especially being like 120 bucks in debt (again).

Hope my friggin' CD comes in the mail tomorrow. I've been waiting a while to get The Atari's...

Sorry for the pissy mood. I really should start writing or something, but I'm too tired :).

If I somehow offhended anyone with some unnecessary comment or something profound that I didn't catch, I'm sorry. I can't even remember what I wrote about above and am way too lazy to scroll up and read it again tonight.



At 8:18 AM, Blogger Angel of Redemption said...

Hey I hope you don't hate me. Sorry things had to turn out this way with people. I'm only human. Everyone is so I hold no grudges any longer for anyone I guess. Anyways... if you still want me to go to the concert with you then call me sometime. If not then I guess I'll see you around....


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