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Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year 05

by Something Corporate

Wow, I'm surprized I finally made it through this year. I'm gonna rant and rave about a few key events this year in just a little. But first, the events of the day.

Woke up and went to Mike's for a little Jam session with him and Mitch. Had fun, then came home and hung out for a little while. Realized that there was a funny buzzing sound from my guitar.... don't know why, probably a connection issue with the humbuckers... Dan's gonna have to try to fix it or something, I dont feel like blowing money on repairs... no clue how I did it though. But I'm pissed.

Went to the New Years Eve dance, which majorly sucked. I almost left countless times. But it gradually became half decent. Danced with a bunch of girls, but the one of particular interest was Ashley.

I asked her to dance not realizing who she was. Then I asked her what her name was and she responded who she was. Then I registered that she was the kid who was next door neighbors with my grandparents. I used to play with her all the time when I was little :) It was cool to see her again. And to top it off, she's a very cute girl ;). Ironic how things work out huh?

Dance ended and I went home. Now I'm talking with Mattie. Hopefully I'll get to go up to Wallsburg tomorrow and see everyone :).

Alright onto my ranting and raving. If it becomes sappy or stupid, I'm sorry. But I like to whine a little once and a while.

This year's been very long and very hard. I imagine that 05 is going to be even more hectic and problems are only going to get worse...

Driving, Dating, High School. It'll all add up and get even more dramatic. Life goes on, people change, It'll be interesting who's my friends are next year, who will fade and who will come into my life. Who I'll end up dating, who I'll get hurt by, who I'll hurt...

Who knows, my life could end tomorrow for all I know and maybe not get to experience that. But how terrible would that be? Relinquishing all those events. I look forward to this ear and expect a lot out of it, yet I know how hard it will be...

I've accepted that people change. That's been a really hard one to accept. I've also accepted that I've changed as well, which is another tricky one to accept. I've accepted a thought of being alone, of being loved by someone and not being able to love them back, of loving someone and not having them love me back.

And yeah... long year...

My one resolution is to become a better guitarist. This first year of playing guitar has been awesome and hopefully it'll get even better as time goes on. Hopefully find some band members eventually and start something. Cause I think playing for people would be the funnest thing in the world.

Anywho, off to bed. Its three AM... might go to Wallsburg tomorrow (I hope...). So I gotta get up at a decent hour.

Konstantine is still an awesome song



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