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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Holiday In Wallsburg

NP- Hitchin A Ride
by Green Day

Saturday I slept in trying to recover from New Years Eve and talking to Mattie till three in the morning (again, not a bad thing of course). Jess called me and told me that she'd aranged for me to get a ride with her Grandfather to Wallsburg. So, I hitched a ride with her Grandpa. Talked with him the whole way up, he seemed like a cool guy. Finally got there and we shot darts just for fun for a little while and talked (Ed was with us, he lives there of course). Then we headed outside and built a snowman with most of her family then went sleading for fun. Her famly is so awesome, I enjoy talking and spending time with them, they're all just such good people. After we got done hanging out outside (11 freakin inches of snow), we went inside and ate lunch while waiting for Mattie, Kimber, and Mack to come over. They finally made it and we all went down and played Fooseball. Kimber pretty much killed us all at that one. Then we all squished on the couch and watched a movie for the rest of the time. Really fun, it was great to see Mattie, Jess and Ed again and to meet Kimber and Mack. It's once in a blue moon that I get to go up there to see everyone, so glad that I lucked out.

Kevin (Jess's dad) had to go into Orem so I hitched a ride with him to Orem. Really cool to talk with him too. We talked about his job and my school and stuff. Then we started talking about guitar and that was quite cool. Aparently, he made his money his Junior and Senior year playing gigs. Has an extremely nice Gibson from 77. Resembles a Les Paul but is a little thinner (slightly thicker then an SG) and has a minibucker in the bridge and humbucker in the neck as opposed to a humbucker in both the neck and bridge. Anywho, quite a cool guitar then he had this full blown full stack with four twelve inch speakers.

So we rode back and talked the whole time and met my mom in the Maceys parking lot.

Drove back home with my mom and stuff then hung out at home for the rest of the evening. Later that night, took my guitar apart trying to figure out what the heck the unnatural buzzing sound was but couldn't find out the problem...

Stayed up till about midnight trying to get that stupid thing fixed with no success... gall it really pisses me off...

Today I woke up and went to church. Our schedule starts at 9 now... so I was wasted this morning and extremely tired. Then we get to go to school tomorrow... joy...



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