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Thursday, July 07, 2005


NP- I Wish I Was a Girl
by Counting Crows

[Thank you for the three of you who have been bearing with me through this little series thats been going on over the last nine days. I'm sure you've rolled your eyes so much that they're about to fall out of your head for all the cheezy 'head over heels in love' stuff, but hey, you don't get a chance to do this every day, right? Plus, we all know I'm too damn lazy to type an entire email out to meg, and then turn around and type about my day AGAIN in this blog. It's fsking cute anyways, so shut up.]

[So, sorry if you aren't really too entertained or anything, I guess thats not the whole point though, this is more of an archive of events for me so one day when I'm old I can log onto and read about my life as a fifteen year old and all the thing I did. Woot.]

[FYI, I need to stop writing balads. I have too many already. Dave, stop me from writing balads.]

[email I wrote yesterday morning at like 11]

Hey babe,

I don't know how exciting or fun this email will be. I kept my promise though, laying in my bed by 11 PM. Though, I still didn't wake up till 11 AM... go figure.

Well, I'm glad you managed to crash, heaven knows you needed some sleep babe. Even angels need rest sometimes. Hopefully your headache went away and you can have some fun this evening after you get off of work.

Three days till I finally get to see you again, time just flies right by doesn't it :P. I'll stop by on Saturday, regardless of if we can do anything or not just so I can see you again... I've missed you more then you know, and I don't think I could go too much longer without seeing your face again.

lol, talking to you every single night at least once has definitely helped me stay sane. Thanks for putting up with my stupidity on the phone every evening.

Hmm... what did I do yesterday. Got up and hopped in the shower and all that jazz, then played guitar and wrote for a little while. Then Dan came outside and asked if I was up to going to Guitar Center, so we drove down there and hung out there for like four hours :).

They had a ton of stuff, but ironically enough, a lot of things that I needed, they didn't have. Go figure...

So, Dan and I just tried out a bunch of guitars and keyboards and drum sets (wow, that sentence probably wouldn't pass an english class...). Played this really nice Gibson SG Standard (a guitar), which I was tempted to buy (it was like 1,200 bucks) but I decided I need to save for my new amp even more.

Came home, played and wrote some more, talked to you on the phone, and that was my day.

Anyways, good luck with the Carnival, that should be some fun. Wish I could be there with you :).

Alright, we'll I'm off to go eat some breakfast (or lunch, cause its noon) and start my day. Sorry for the lack of anything remotely cute in this email... I suck :)

lol, anyways...

I love you a ton, try to get out and do something fun today after work :). I'll try to call you tonight.


[Another email I sent at like 2 in the morning today]

Hey beautiful, (by the way, every time I say that, I mean it)

I didn't much of a chance to really talk to you a whole ton today, it was one of those 'busy but not really' kind of days. But, I'm glad we got to at least talk a little bit.

Sorry I didn't call you tonight either... I felt really bad. I'll try to post my reasoning as to an 'explanation' (which when translated, is 'pathetic excuse') a little later in the email...

Today I woke up and was fortunate to be able to talk to you first thing in the morning (or afternoon, since I got up pretty late). After I was off with you, Dan took me to down town Boise where he showed me this awesome record store.

Now, this record store like blew the pants off any other record store I've been to. These guys had absolutely any CD you could imagine (though, of course, I managed to find exactly which ones they DIDN'T have, stupid people who don't carry Motion City Soundtrack...). I finally was able to find my Counting Crows: Live in NYC CD that I've been hunting for forever, and Audioboxer by Something Corporate. I was trying to find something to bring home to you, but I wasn't exactly sure what to get... We might have to discuss your musical preferences a little bit more hun ;).

Came home and restrung Dan's classical guitar and played that for a little while and then ate dinner. I wanted to call you both dinner while I was restringing the guitar, and then after dinner, but I realized you were at work from 2-7 today... stupid me :P.

A little after dinner, Dan threw in the Bourne Identity, which I thought was a pretty good movie. Then I talked to you upstairs for a sec before he threw in the Bourne Supremacy and I spent the rest of the evening watching that. It was about 11:30 when that got over, which I was afraid was a little too late to call you...

So, there's my pathetic excuse for not calling you, and I feel really bad... Watching a movie just isn't the same without you there, and isn't nearly as fun. I really hope you got out and did something fun tonight. I can't wait till I see you again, only a few more days.

I really don't know what my point of this whole email was... I really didn't say anything cute and just rambled on about watching movies and going to a record store for a few paragraphs... so I'm sorry this one wasn't amazing.

I couldn't manage to sleep at all so I decided that writing to you might help me get a little bit off my mind. I'm kinda set on overdrive right now and my head is swimming through a mess, even though I'm not quite sure what the mess is, cause things really are going pretty great. I love being out here, the only thing that's missing is you...

You really do mean the world to me, I question sometimes how great of a job I do at trying to make sure that you know that. Because you being happy is the thing that makes my life a little bit brighter, and I'm sure I could do a lot better to make you feel like the perfect angel you are... I don't why I'm feeling insignificant, like I'm somehow letting you down, because you've never been less then absolutely amazing. You've always been extremely kind to me and always have something cute to do or say, even if you don't recognize it. I thank you for helping me wake up smiling when I think about you and for all the little blessings you give me.

You do so much, I swear I can't compare. It's really hard to compete with perfection :).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I love you.

Thanks for bearing with me, I'm not quite sure what I'm thinking or writing about, and I'm sure it doesn't quite make sense, but I'll blame that on the fact that its two AM :P. Thanks for listening to me hun, you're the absolute best.

I finally finished my song (well, at least the one I told you about after you bugged me for it, lol) and it turned out a lot better then I think it did... so we'll have to see how it works out.

I love you and can't wait till I get to see your smiling face again, to hold you again, to be able to get lost inside you and remember how lucky I am to have an angel like you.

"I miss everything about an angel..."



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