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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nobody Drinks Alone

NP-Tonight I Wanna Cry
by Keith Urban

Just FYI, I'm still on my Red Hot Chili Peppers Kick (Dani California finally came out today, woot!). But, the genre branching out continues with Country; Rascal Flatts releaced their new CD today; as well as The Goo Goo Dolls who releaced their new single 'Stay With You'. Its just been a great day for music today.

Country, Funk, Rap, Metal, Jazz, Alternative, Emo, Electronic, Classic, good heavens, just missing a few ;)

So; right now I'm listening to Keith Urban, which is like 'what the hell...' kinda crazy for those of you who know me. I know I just made at least 12 of my girl friends fall in love with me, while a few of my guy friends are shaking their heads in disgust.


This week's been very interesting and slow at the same time. Issues with Meg press on like normal, yet the difference is that I simply choose not to really care anymore. Its too easy to let the bad things in life consume you, its so much easier to just be happy and focus on the things that are the most important to you. That doesn't mean worring about problems that can't be fixed and letting them consume your life. Sorry Megs.

I'm too lazy to recall the week; so I figure two days is ok.

Last night I finally finished writing 'Airplane Letters' (a song I've been working on). I had it down absolutely perfectly, so of course I couldn't go to bed. So, I took all my gear outside and recorded for about two hours. Finished the acoustic part entirely, and a very rough 3/4 of the vocal part (just recorded it to get an idea of what it should sound like, I'll redo vocals entirely later).

I was very wasted, so I ended up not going to school. I woke up around one and started recording some more. Amelia called me and we talked for a little bit (amazing huh, she called me!). Went to mutual, ect and came home.

After I got home, my mom asked me to find this Keith Urban song. After a half hour of searching; we finally found it. Then I decided to go to Walmart and buy Rascal Flatts new CD and 'Be Home' by Keith Urban. Yeah, I've lost my mind, but thats ok.

Talked to amelia till about twelve thirty tonight, now its around one and I think I'll try sleeping cause if I don't I'll be dead tomorrow. Much love to anyone who reads my blog.



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