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Sunday, August 21, 2005

We stood like statues...

NP-Santa Monica
by Theory of a Deadman

Friday was a huge day...

Went to High School Orientation and found Meg there. It was amazing to be able to see her again after two weeks (well, not quite two weeks). So we just talked through the whole presentation or whatever it was that they were putting on. Afterwards, we attempted to find our classes (more like, my mom attempted to find my classes while I was socializing. I still don't know where any of my classes are). After wandering the school for a good half hour or so, we took Meg home. Got out of the car and I just held her, it was one of those moments where you don't want to let go no matter what, even though you have to... Kissed her goodbye and took off to the UPS Store.

Don't know if I've told this story, but while shipping my amp UPS kinda broke it. Since it was insured, I will receive $556. Sweet, part of that money will go towards the owner of the amp so he can fix it but the rest is mine. So I'll come out at least 300 bucks on top.

But, while I was on my way home, I get a phone call from Meg saying that she'd just gotten in a huge fight with her mom... She apparently was at Karlee's house and calling me from there. We talked for a good two hours or so before Kar had to go to work and Meg had to find somewhere else to stay because she didn't want to go home. She told me she was just going to follow her feet, take a walk and figure out what to do and stuff.

Then I unexpectedly find her at the door to my room :).

Even though I know it probably wasn't good news for her that she'd left her house over a fight with her mom and came here, I couldn't help thinking that that was the cutest thing in the world that she showed up at my house. We went out back and talked for a few minutes before heading for the Jr. High to say 'hey' to Mr. Wright. We visited for about a half an hour and then Meg and I walked to a park behind the Jr. High (that Cole, Dave, and I used to sneak out for lunch every day) and just talked for a while. After finally coming to the realization that she'd have to go back home before everyone started looking for her, we both stood up. That was another hard thing, for both her and I to do, stand up and leave. Hard for me because I knew I was taking her back to face the inevitable, and hard for her because she had to face it... We stood like statues for what seemed like forever before finally heading back towards her house. We talked about a bit while we headed back to her place, and then after finally reaching the corner of her house, I had to let her go.

I haven't heard from her since...

Later that evening, Kimball and I shot pool, I don't recall a lot after that other then me being kind of down...

Saturday I worked. A lot. Mowed all the lawns and then refinished the kitchen. Afterwards, I helped Kimball replace his fuel filter so his car would run and we could actually get from point A to point B. Fixed it after about two hours and then after a bunch of complications, many phone calls to me asking 'why I wasn't at the dance yet', and Kimball's quick shower, Shawn, Skilar, Kimball, Cole, and I headed to the dance.

Met up with everyone there. The whole night was a tad bit complicated (not on my end) and so the majority of the time Kar, Mollie, Cole, and I hung out. We decided that the dance inside wasn't as fun as outside, so we turned up Kimball's car stereo and danced to that instead. Retarded? Cliche? Who cares, it was fun.

Mollie had to leave after the dance ended unfortunately, but Kar and everyone else loaded up and we headed to Jack and Jills. Stayed for a little while and had an absolute blast, and then we headed to take everyone home.

That evening was a great way to end the summer, the best possible way without Meg being there...

*sigh* Thank heavens that I get to see her tomorrow.

First day of high school, I'm stoked to be able to go to school with all my friends and see them every single day. Cept my friends at the Jr. High, whom I unfortunately don't get to see every day... Not looking forward to the academic part of school though *bleh*. We'll see how it turns out.

Alright, I've gotta hit the sack a little early tonight in hopes of sleeping and waking up at that forsaken hour of 6:30 in the morning...yuck.



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