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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

California In The Summer, And My Hair Is Growing Long

NP- The Taste Of Ink
by The Used

Another one of those overwhelming weeks... holy cow.

A week from yesterday, Meg and I met each other at the high school and because we did when she wasn't supposed to, she ended up grounded for two weeks...


yeah, I screwed that one up.

Kimball and I headed to Del Taco to grab lunch and try to figure everything out, without success. Both of us tend to not think things through entirely before executing our plans. Afterwards, we ran to Chelseys house and talked to her for quite a while. It was great to see Chelsey again, she was telling us some stuff from youth conference and she seemed like a totally different person. She's just cool.

We headed to a park after Chelsey's so I could start writing my letter to meg, which was my apology and only real way for me to contact her. Kimball came to mutual with me and I had my bishop interview for youth conference. Afterwards, we went back to his place and played guitar for a little while and stuff, tryed to figure things out and figure out anything we could to help Meg.

The next day, I finished my letter to her and bought her Leaving Through The Window, wrapped it all up in a box with a flower inside and dropped it off on her doorstop around eleven at night.

The next day, I got a letter back from her that was extremely cute and made me feel a whole lot better... I swear I've read that letter a million times already...

Took off for Youth Conference that day, which consisted of Jared and I hanging around Temple Square all day long then going out to dinner. Maddison was there (spelling) and she's really cool, so it was nice to have someone there to talk to and stuff. Came home afterwards and headed out to California.

California, long trip up and we drove straight through the night. Got there the next day.

Arrived in Long Beach, it was overcast and the beach kinda sucked... so we hung out in the hotel for the majority of the time.

Sunday, Kelly came with Jordan and the other kids and we went out to attempt to go to this aquarium thing, but everyone and their dogs were there in a humongous line, so we decided to go out to dinner and then head to Huntington Beach... good call.

Huntington Beach was really nice, but it was around five PM when we finally got there and it was overcast yet again... waves were great, but it was a little too windy and kinda cold...

The rest of the days were disneyland days. By the end of each day, I was totally wasted from walking around all day, but it was fun so who cares :).

Made it home in one piece and then that evening, Kimball, Skilar, and I went and met Trish, Renee, and Mikelle at Sonic. We basically just goofed off for an hour and then took Renee home. Mikelle was still working, so Trish, Kimball, Skilar, and I went to my place and just talked for a while.

So, that should cover a bit of ground right there... *deep breath*



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