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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Homecoming '05

by Incubus

What an amazing two days...

Friday, endured through school and after finally making it through, went to Target with Kara and tried sleeping in a shoping cart (which was fun, yet strangely, uncomfortable). Afterwards, I came home and took a much needed nap before heading out to the football game.

The football game was a blast, Renee and I just hung out together for the majority of the time jumping between different social groups and just kinda interacting with everyone. After the game, the girls took off for Trish's to do their girls night out thing, so Kimball, Jared, Kim, Skilar and I swung by my house and grabbed my acoustic guitar and headed for a park. Stopped by the church to help my mom set up tables for something and then continued on to a park. Played around there for a little while and then dropped Kim off around 11 or so.

After dropping Kim off, we headed to Trish's so I could pick up my backpack (which had my key in it for work the next morning). What was supposed to be just quickly swinging by, turned into dropping by for a little while and saying hi to everyone (which, I have zero complaints over). It was fun, we just talked and stuff outside for a while, played imaginary baseball, and had a good time. After we said 'bye', the guys headed for Sonic. We bought a bunch of food and ran over to Kimball's to grab some blankets and stuff then brought them back to my place and watched Wayne's World while we fell asleep.

Falling asleep was extremely uncomfortable, I don't think I slept too amazingly well, curled up on the floor in the shape of an 'S' :).

Woke up around 7 and got readcy and took off for work. Kimball, Jared and Skilar helped me unpack and assemble chairs and after we got all done and stuff, we picked up the truck and took the boxes to help with Humanitarian Aid.

Deciding that we needed caffeine in the worst possible way, we decided to go get Bawls, which is a very very caffinated beverage. Counting out three dollars in pennies and finishing off the remaining total with nickels and dimes, we paid for it and left. Dropped Jared off and we ran past my house to grab my clothes then to Kimballs to hurry and take a shower and stuff. After flying out the door and hurrying to Trish's, we picked the girls.

We all hopped in the car and headed to IHOP. After waiting for probably a good hour, we finally were seated. Ordered our food and just socialized for a while. Our food took quite a while, but while we were waiting, I had to run my keys home to my dad because he couldn't find his. So Kimball and I booked it over there and then bolted back to IHOP. Our food had finally arrived by then and after eating, we went to Jack and Jills and played bowling. Renee beat us all :P.

After bowling, we took the girls back to Trish's and they all started getting ready for dinner (which was at least three hours later, but of course, they needed all the time they could get, right?). Kimball and I went to go get gas and then went to some store in Lehi that was rumored to have Livewire. No livewire, but we found Jones Soda, which is amazingly delicious, and took it back to Kimballs with us. We ironed our clothes and talked for a while and went over to the lab so Kimball could feed the fish, took a very quick nap, hurried and got ready then picked up Jared and Kenna.

Went to Trish's and got to see how amazingly great everyone looked. When I saw Renee, I couldn't stop smiling, she just looked amazing. Its awesome when someone who already looks so beautiful can look even better, it just blew me away.

Kimball got a little lost on the way to dinner, but we ended up finding Brick Oven eventually, didn't take us too long to be seated, we got in in about half an hour or so. Dinner was really good and our server was a really cool guy. We had a really great time, joking about different things and stuff (our server was even cool enough to bring us a pitcher of apple beer, which kimball and I got quite excited about). We had to swing past Kimball's house to feed the fish in the lab, so we quickly spent about fifteen minutes there before we headed to the dance.

The actual dance itself wasn't amazing, we had it in our school's lunch room, which was kinda weird... Stood in line for quite a while to get our pictures taken, then caught the tail end of the dance. Catching the tail end was totally worth it though. Dancing with Renee is amazing, its one of those times where you feel absolutely amazing, like the world stops and its only the two of you...

I love that feeling...

After the dance ended, Kara, Kimball, Renee and I swung by ihop, then picked up some stuff from Trish's house and headed to Kara's. Renee and I just talked the whole time, the poor girl was pretty tired, you could tell. It was kinda cold so she was wearing my jacket. There's just something about a girl wearing your clothes that makes them look that much more adorable :).

Dropped her off at her house, which was a little hard just because I didn't want the evening to end. It really was one of those rare nearly perfect kind of days where you didn't have to worry about anything, just amazingly great and for the first time in a while, I was able to be totally happy.

Perfection isn't perfect, its what you let it be.



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