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Saturday, September 25, 2004


NP- God of Wine
by Third Eye Blind

I am exhaused, it's been a weekend. Long weekend to be specific. Friday I slept in and missed Jazz Band on accident on Friday. Aparently we have new music, which Bryson says is also easy. I almost wish I tried out for Jazz Band II, oh well though. I'll keep with Jazz Band while I work on the buttload of material I still have to work on. Lessons with Dan, my own stuff to work on, Jazz Band. I keep myself busy.

Friday was an interesting day. Went to the football game at seven and had fun and stuff. Kara slapped Mike like freaking hard, I was proud of her. Then we went and shot pool afterwards.

Today, I didn't wake up till like noon. Talked to Kara for a bit of the morning while cleaning my room. Then hung out till like 5 when we went to look at carpet. Everywhere was close, so we went and ate at the mall. Then I came back and hung out with Kara, Kimball, and Zach and watched Paycheck on Kimball and Zach's projection screen TV. I didn't love the show, it was alright though. I had fun hanging out with those guys and that was the point anyway :).


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