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Thursday, October 07, 2004

3 Hour Jam Session Can't Be Wrong

by Bruce Springsteen

Awesome song, has an awesome solo at the end (at least on the Life from NYC edition). Maybe someday I can do that ;).

Well, a lot to cover. Sunday was another session of General Conference, good session. Monday wasn't important, I can't remember any extremely cool crucial events. But then again, I can have short term memory and be dumb, so forget everything I just said.

Tuesday, went to a Leadership Conference at UVSC, good session, nice way to blow off the school day. Came home and went carpet shoping again. Gall, that is one of the biggest pains in the butt ever, its like shopping for a friggin car. Hopefully tomorrow, we can go back to the one place we were looking at and finally get some after the month long period that we have been waiting.

Went to mutual and lit things on fire. I did the best job. I like lighting things on fire and am very good at it.

Wednesday, typical school day. Watched the Vice Presidential debate. Cheney rules, that dude has the best debate skills in the world. I bet he could convince someone to like chew their own arm off or something. He's that good. Heck, maybe I'd chew my arm off if he convinced me to.
Then again, referring to the top, i'm stupid and not thinking today.

Missed Jazz band again. Dang alarm clock didn't go off. I hate that darn thing. I need a new one, but I don't wanna blow money on it. I have to save up for the Sum 41 concert which I am concidering going to. Thats on the second of next month, but I wanna find someone to go with me. I was going to go to the Yellowcard Concert with Trisha, but I will be in California, so I won't be able to go to that one. Green Day is also comming, but I might be out of town... dangit.

I really wanna go to a SoCo concert, but there aren't really any going right now. Blink concert might be scary, but a posibility.

Arin ditched us, so Chelsey and I ended up doing our project alone. A project I didn't even know existed until today. So, I wrote a quick little report and Chelsey did the harder part of the work. Thanks Chelsey, I owe you one.

I did some of my Algebra II homework too. I really tried to get it done. Then Dan came over and all thoughts of Algebra II vanished from my mind.

Played all my lesson stuff, then him and my dad took turns calling out chords and I would have to switch to whatever chord they called. That was a nice little exercise. But then it got fun after we finished the lessons.

I was playing American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, and Crawling in the Dark, and Dan was asking what I was playing. Then he told me that all these different techniques I was using were used in a bunch of other songs too. So we poped in a CD with a bunch of different artists on it, just a mix that he had made, and played a bunch of stuff. I played rhythem just playing by ear and watching Dan. But holy crap I learned a lot. By the end of the night I was like liquid too. It was so freaking cool. I love after playing for a very long time how everything you do seems natural and you don't have to think about it anymore. Even better, it sounds good. Its like a two hour warmup then a big jam session for the last hour. Anyway, it was a blast. I need to work on singing and playing guitar at the same time, because if I focus too much on sounding good while singing, I play guitar at hyper speed (at least for acoustic songs where strumming is involved. Power Chord songs, which are most any any rock/metal/punk songs, no problem playing and singing at the same time).

Anyways, that was a blast. I still dont have my freaking math done. Probably won't get a great grade on it tomorrow, but I almost don't care. Aparently there is some Jazz Band competition tomorrow that I didn't know about that Blake told me, I wasn't there when he sent me the message though, so who the heck knows. I will talk to him tomorrow and see whats up I guess. Still have a math test to make up as well as a quiz. Bunch of projects and all this other crap... gall that's the one crap part about school is the fact that everything, all your responcibilities, just start piling up on you. I can't wait till the freaking weekend. I need to try to get out of my ghetto campout so I can do something fun and undramatic this weekend. Trish, if all else fails and I need to go on the campout, I need you to pretend your like a distant cousin of mine and pretend to be in town so I have to go see you and crap. Anyways, I'll stage something if all else fails. Because you know, thats the honest Boy Scout like thing to do.



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