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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I will write this down for you, so you can read it

NP-Miss America
by Something Corporate

It's to the point where it's so close I can almost taste it... Where I almost know what exactly is preventing me from being happy. But I can't quite see it. And even if I can, what next? Just because a problem can be identified doesn't mean it can be solved. At least not immediately. We'll have to see how things turn out, though I have been saying that for quite a while...

Today, got up and did Jazz Band. Our song is too easy again, stupid simple rhythem part. I'm working on the solo for the song to have more of a challenge. Bryson brought his Tube Screamer, sweet little pedal and I played with it for a little while. Made it through the day, hacking my lungs out. I hate coughs... they just irritate me. Can't talk, sing, anything. You can however, still play guitar. Which I did a ton of today. After school, I whipped out Bryson's Tube Screamer and played around with it. Thursday John and I are going to play together, him on drums (he's been in percussion for a while) and me playing guitar. Just for fun, see if we can create anything productive. Tonight I played 'Play Crack The Sky' and a bunch of other songs. I was able to successfully get a Blink-182 tone out of the tubescreamer. Yay. I gotta buy my pedal soon... Danelectro Daddy O. I love the distortion it creates. A SoCo distortion, dirty yet clean.

My day has consisted of talking online and playing guitar. Quite the booring day. I need a difference, something new in this week... Heck, I don't know what I need or want. But I need something to fill that void...



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