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Friday, October 08, 2004

Greetings, from a cardboard box

NP-No Reason
by Sum 41

(off of Chuck, an awesome CD)

First off, my laptop is being gay. So I am running as many applications to clean out this POS and speed it up back to normal speed, hopefully even faster. Clean out all the crap... which is a major pain in the butt.


If I had an ipod, I could move like everything I need to off of this computer... might speed it up a whole lot too... I have like four gig dedicated to music :).

I'm glad my guitar doesn't act gay or slow down on me.

Hopefully my little medical procedures on this can help it speed up...

School was school. Chelsey and I pulled off our project and got full credit. A very good thing. Aparently there were Jazz Band Sectionals this morning at seven, not at seven at night. So, I missed those too. Practice tomorrow though, which I pray I won't miss again. Hopefully my ghetto alarm clock works.

Came home and went carpet shopping again. We FINALLY bought some! It's getting installed next Wednesday, meaning not too long till I can move in (finally). After that, went to Walmart forever. Came home and watched Joey, which is a really funny show, till like seven thirty. Called Jessie at 8:30, but no one was home. So, I went out into my car and played acoustic guitar for about an hour. After that little jam session, came in and started cleaning out my computer while listening to Chuck on The Leak. Quite a cool CD, awesome songs. Plus their guitarist is a bit better then the standard punk guitarists. His riffs are heavier. Sum 41's music kinda sounds like metal punk. The riffs are harder and the distortion is heavier. Dave Baksh is just plain cool plus I love his rig (those of you curious in his rig, check out .

Well, I'm headed off to bed so I can get up tomorrow.



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