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Sunday, February 27, 2005

At a loss for words

NP- Sydney
by Halifax

I swear...

I've been working on a song for over three weeks, fully wrote all the music and everything but after three weeks of lyric writing, it just isn't comming to me. Other then the fact that its pissing me off, I got decent lyrics that didn't quite fit in the song. So, I took them out, tweaked them around a little bit, and wrote a new song called Papercuts (intentionally one word). It really doesn't make sence as to where I'm at in life now at all and the emotions don't relate to how I feel, so no clue where it all came from. It was a very pieced together collected poem with a lot of things thrown together tied under one unified theme. I think it turned out alright, but it just didn't go in the direction that I wanted to write 'Will's Lullaby' in, so I wrote a new one instead.

Will's Lullaby has probably become one of the hardest things for me to write. It's a collection of emotions not expressible in words and therefore, hard to write down or express. Being uncertain about a lot of things also doesn't help for a situation of writing based on experience of emotion. It worked for Papercuts, but it won't work for this.

I've spent too many nights staying up writing till 1 trying to come up with something productive to just write crap. I really don't want this one to go down the crapper, so I'm hoping it goes the way I want it to. The words seem to flash past my head once I finally lay down to sleep, but I don't ever remember them :P.

It's an acoustic song that has some pretty funky chord variations of suspention chords, really fun to play with and the music sounds cool too, wish I could freaking record it...

But, it's been a fun little side project of a song that means a bit to me regardless of the fact that I can't get the words right... oh well, I'll work on it I guess.

After many long hours of planning and working through every problem imaginable, Trish and I went over to Mikelle's and we all just talked for two hours or so, which was fun. I'm glad her and I got to get out and do something cause it seemed like we never would for a second.

12:40 and I'm tired. Later.



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