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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thirteen Minutes To Post

NP- Cavanaugh Park
by Something Corporate

What can I say, that song's majorly addicting and always seems to hit the spot when I'm generally pissed off or not happy about things. Yet, how can I be upset about anything. I'm going to SoCo in a mere SEVEN DAYS! So while the rest of you (cept Trish and Mitch) are out with your boyfriends/girlfriends, out to a movie with your friends, shooting pool, staying home with your mom, whatever you guys do on a friday night; Trish, Mitch, Shaun and I will be at SoCo screaming our guts out and enjoying being in the presence of some of the finest musicians ever. I consider Andrew and Josh to be the two best lyric writers of like, all time. Jesse from Brand New should probably be on my top list too, but thats for a later rant maybe.

Cause, I only have 13 minutes to do this rant anyways.

I Decided 'Hey, I probably should show up for Jazz Band tomorrow considering that we definately aren't ready for the festival on the 18th and since the Rhythm section (minus the poor rhythmless bass players...) knows the songs perfectly while the majority of the band is still struggling with stupid things, we've got lots of work to do. So in conclusion, I should probably get to bed by ten thirty to get up at a decent hour instead of missing Jazz Band and being late to school like I have successfully done over the past long long time. Good golly gosh, that sounds like a plan.'

Lots of things are really screwed up right now. I haven't talked to Rachel since the night we got into that stupid fight over literally nothing, Mariah, Trisha, and Kara are all struggling with their own problems (and of course, I have to worry about them too :) ), I keep tending to have homework piling up taking away any hope for actually having a life outside school (damn you algebra II), and a buncha other crap to deal with. I'm just too busy right now, and I don't like it at all...

I can't wait for SoCo, it's gonna be a great break away from everything. Just a night that I can get away from the world and actually enjoy myself, no strings attached. The first person who causes me grief on the Eleventh of February will be the first person to die. Painfully.

I need a fsking vacation, roadtrip with Jessie would rock. Too bad thats at least 2 years away.

Ok, I'm tired and going to bed.



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