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Monday, February 14, 2005

Something Corporate In Concert

by The Academy Is
Alright, here's my big rant about the concert:
We picked up everyone and went to In The Venue in SLC. Stood outside for less then ten minutes and we got inside (we lucked out, it was a sold out show too). Got our pictures taken for the Jacks Mannequin website and got cool bumper stickers. Then got inside (we had floor tickets, as I found out after we got there...).
After realizing we had floor tix, I kinda got a little scared of losing Trish, just cause I'm paranoid and I told her that I wouldn't lose her. Everyone (Mitch, Shaun, Trish and I) were pretty much together for the beginning of the concert.
First band that played was The Academy Is. Now these guys were freaking awesome. I'd heard a few of their songs before, so it was cool to see them play. Their lead vocalist William is really cool. It was his birthday so everyone sang to him. They did a really good show and were really kind to the crowd and stuff. I think Will's voice is actually a lot cooler live then on the CD.
Second band was Armor For Sleep, which I had also heard. Their lead vocalist seemed a little full of himself and all their songs sounded the same except the last song. By this point, I was ready for Something Corporate to take the stage.
By this point, it was a little more squishy and more people had entered the Venue
Third band, Straylight Run, just plain sucked. It wasn't really their quality of playing that wasn't good more then the fact that I just didn't like their music at all. Some ok stuff, but I was kinda preoccupied with hanging on to Trish and trying to keep track of where Shaun was. Regardless, we were all good and ready for Something Corporate to come out.
After a little while of playing with some settings and stuff, they brought out Andrew's piano and the whole crowd started yelling. Then they came out and started playing Only Ashes. Here's a list of everything they played, somewhat in order...
Only Ashes
21 and Invincible
I Woke Up In A Car
Cavanaugh Park (dedicated to William of The Academy Is)
If You C Jordan
Ruthless (dedicated to Andy the awesome Merch dude)
Watch The Sky
Me And The Moon
I Want To Save You (Andrew and Josh solo)
Punk Rock Princess
Only Ashes, everyone was freaking out and having a great time and everyone continued rocking out to 21 and Invincible and I Woke Up In A Car. Somewhat slowed things down with Cavanaugh Park (which was amazing) then launched into If You C Jordan, which the crowd really got into. Andrew jumped up onto his piano and stuff, it was all really cool. Watch The Sky was probably one of my favorite songs of this concert, sounded amazing. Me And The Moon was really cool to watch Josh do his effects, its weird to see how he makes those cool songs, I'm gonna monkey around with some stuff tomorrow to see what I can come up with. Andrew and Josh's version of I Want To Save You was in a totally different tempo and stuff, but it sent shivers down your spine...they changed it into a ballad and made it totally awesome. Konstantine was also freaking cool. It was at least fifteen minutes long including a drum solo from Brian. Then they sang a verse from Only In Dreams by Weezer during Konstantine, which was awesome! Then played the crowd pleaser of Punk Rock Princess to which we all jumped up and down and sang along to. Then they played Down, which was also one of my favorites this concert. Played Space and ended with Hurricane. It was totally awesome and I hurt all over and my voice is gone, but it was really awesome. Cool to be with Trish, Mitch and Shaun too.

Then we went and bought our awesome merch, we ended up spending 30 bucks each. I bought two shirts and Mitch and Trish bought hoodies from Andy The Awesome Merch dude.
Well, I'm wasted, getting some sleep.
Too bad every night can't be like tonight. Tomorrow's back to reality, responsibility, homework...
Though, this concert was like, way inspirational and gave me lots of ideas for writing. Amazing concert, I will definitely go next time they're in town.


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