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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Loss of Blink-182

NP-Stockholm Syndrome
by Blink-182
Few days ago, Blink-182 broke up. I'm not quite certain as to why, but that means no new Blink record coming out, which is a real shame cause I liked the direction they were headed in too...
Oh well I guess, life goes on...
My grandma's been in the hospital lately, she had developed an ulser (spelling?) and so she was in the hospital for a few days. She's home now and looking a lot better, which is a really good thing.
Life's just been life lately. Hung out at Trish's house on Monday and that was a blast. Did the gay Joseph Smith play thing on Tuesday then Mitch and I walked home and called random people and had fun on the way home.
Wednesday was a jam session with Dan, one of our last unfortunately because he's moving back to Idaho the beginning of next month... I'm definitely going to miss him a ton. Planning on going up there for a few weeks during the summer though, which should be cool.
Today I stayed home from school and stuff, then I was on the phone with Trish for a while and that was cool. I always like talking to her, it's just generally fun.
Two weeks since SoCo... I miss it lots.


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