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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Another Awesome Jam Session

NP-Tiny Vessles
by Death Cab For Cutie

NP-The Light And The Glass
by Tyler Read (its a band, not a person)

(This can cover two days.)

I don't remember school yesterday real well, probably cause I dont bother to think of it even though it actually was a good day :). Dave and I played again after school and it turned out quite well actually. I really really really really need to take choir next year. An appology to Miss Taylor (Soon to be Mrs. Taylor since she got engaged this week) for not joining this year :P.

Dan, Steve, and I had an awesome jam session last night. Dan brought his keyboard and laptop so we were totally prepared to play around and have some fun. It was really good, especially for me, learned a bit last night. I don't know where I'd be without Dan. He's helped me become a whole lot better then I could have ever been on my own. And I haven't even made it through my first year yet ;).

As for if I'm good or not, I don't think thats my place to say. I guess thats for whoever's heard me play to decide.

Though, from knowing absolutely nothing to what I know now in a year, I think I've come far :).

So last night, I didn't get done till like 11ish and didn't get to bed till much later then that... barely woke up today.

It was a pretty good day today. Infact, new semester has done wonders for me :). Still not happy that Rach isn't in any of my classes because I really would love to get to know her better. We'll see how things turn out I guess.

I need to get myself out of debt and buy some recording equiptment. Probably get a mic and a pod for recording (pod for direct, mic for acoustic) along with some other expensive goodies. I gotta invest a little cash into some guitar gear (new strings, picks, probably buy a slide) as well.

Today Carrie and I pretty much blew off A4 and counted the money we earned for the Red Cross, then went to Miss Taylor's room and talked to her for a while (that and I needed a CD from Miss Taylor) so that was fun. There's another person I could see myself with, cause Carrie's awesome too...

Then Dave and I played again after school today. And now I'm sitting at home. Off to do something productive, probably end up staining my shelves today and building them on Friday or Saturday.



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