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Monday, January 17, 2005

Hangin at Target

NP-Drunk Girl
by Something Corporate
I gotta remind myself to look into 'The Format', 'The Get Up Kids', 'Death Cab For Cutie', 'Mae', and 'JamisonParker'. All awesome Emo bands (at least two of which who have played with Something Corporate, The Format and Mae). Big thanks to whoever made the 'Music To Inspire From' iMix list on iTunes for helping me find some cool new bands to listen to.
Today was quite an interesting day. Woke up around ten and talked to Rachel online for a bit then went to my grandparents. I ended up helping out my grandparents by taking down Christmas lights and then went to Target afterwards with my mom. Then ironically enough, I ran into Rachel there so of course, we talked.
We basically just walked around target and talked for like an hour, which was really awesome. Really cool that I actually got a chance to talk to Rachel alone in person and get to know her a bit better. I really like her, she's just an awesome person to hang around. Unfortunately, we have like zero classes together next semester, and she's grounded and can't hang out till the end of the month... not good.
I've spent the last few nights up talking to her about a bunch of stuff and found out a bunch of cool things about her. She really is an awesome girl.
Alright, enough Rachel ranting. Rest of the night I played guitar. Dave learned the piano part to Hurricane and Drunk Girl, so we're gonna try playing those tomorrow, him on Piano and me on Guitar, just to see if it sounds half decent .
Anyways, Jazz Band tomorrow, so I have to get some sleep to be able to get up tomorrow. Later.


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