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Monday, January 17, 2005


NP- Miss America
by Something Corporate

Wow, lately I've tended to get into these extremely reflective mindsets during the late hours of the evening. Thinking about everything and anything there is worth thinking about. Pondering over lots of random stuff and then usually some cool tune or lyrics pop into my head so I get up at whatever time it is and start writing/playing guitar (thank goodness for the blessing of headphones). I really need to start saving for some decent recording gear. I've been working on a little bit of a solo project that's a bit different themed then most of my writing. It kinda reaches out to a different level of writing telling a story and harnassing pure emotion into something more constructive and less dark. Think more towards the direction of 'Away' (one song title I WILL be changing) and 'The Act of Cauterization'. A little more sincere, a little less raw emotion into something non constructive. The past year I've written countless stories revolving around one subject (ususally). I'm looking to shoot outside of a grey world that I wrote about before and move onto something better. Something beyond the one person I wrote about for way too long (when writing gets that repedetive, you know that something has to change). So I hope to start all that with this new little side project. I'll play around with what I have for a little while before I post it for open criticism.

Oh, and North is my favorite CD like ever.

Today I woke up from a somewhat sleepless night and went to Stake Conference where Elder Eyering (no clue how to spell his name) an Apostle, spoke to us. He's quite a good speaker, real down to earth kinda guy.

Rest of the day hung around doing random whateverness or watching kids. Played my gutiar a bit and talked to Rachel for quite a bit of today. She really is an awesome person, I'm glad I got the opportunity to be able to get to know her better. We're probably gonna end up hanging out tomorrow doing who knows what. Should be fun though :). We stayed up till about Midnight talking tonight. Exchanging stories and feelings about certain things which really helped in just being able to knkow each other better and be somewhat comfortable with each other. Very very very cool.

Anywho, I'm debating sleeping or writing, but regardless, I'm gonna wrap this rant up.



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