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Thursday, January 13, 2005


NP- Hey Leonardo
by Blessed Union of Souls

I listen to this song on a rare occasion. My uncle used to listen to it and sing along when I was like 9 and I hunted it down a while back. It's my happy song :) It's an awesome song if you're in the right mood. Story about a girl who loves this guy for the person he is and doesn't care about the trivial worldly things like money. It's a cool upbeat song.

Today was actually quite good. Well, it GOT good during French class. Rachel gave me a huge bag of Skittles for 'letting her borrow my notebook'. She wrote a cute little note and everything too. She's such an awesome girl. She asked me for my email and stuff, so of course, I gave it to her. It'll really be cool if I get to know her better ;)

I better get though, I really want my electric back so I can start working more on my little 'side project'. I've been playing my acoustic for the last little while, which is all good, but I have been in a mood for some good old fashoned distortion :).

Headed to bed so I can actually wake up tomorrow.



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