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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

NP- I'm Ready
by Jacks Mannequin

First off, happy birthday Mom :)

I've got a whopping five days to cover, so I guess the only place I can start from would be the beginning.

I woke up early Saturday morning and caught my plane, got absolutely zero writing done on the plane as planned, I just couldn't quite get things to sort out in my head, so I ust enjoyed the flight back and stared out the window and occasionally tried to catch sleep.

So, I flew in and saw everyone, seemed like I hadn't seen my family in like forever, everyone seemed a little older (which I know sounds weird, but I haven't seen Katie in over two weeks). We loaded up in the car and headed home.

I came home to find that I finally had a door installed in my room, which is freaking awesome. Still needs a little work on it (finishing stuff, which my grandpa has been coming over every day to help me do) but its great to actually have a door now.

Came home and made plans with Meg and we met at the carnival a little later. It was awesome to be able to see her again for the first time in 9 days. We just hung out at the carnival for a little bit (it was freaking hot) and then afterwards, headed to my grandparents to see them. Had a quick drink there and socialized a little bit, then headed to pick up some flowers for my Mom's birthday. Headed home, and we hung out there for a little while before we headed out to dinner.

Made it to Brick Oven and ordered and stuff, I had a really bad stomach ache (one of those fun 'doubling over in pain' kinds) so I didn't eat a whole ton. We drove home and Meg and I were just cuddling in the back and stuff, she was being all sweet to me and kept asking me if I was ok, which was really nice of her :). We dropped her off and I walked her to her doorstep, we kissed, then said goodnight. That's always the hardest part of the evening, when you have to turn around the other way...

Got home with a bit on my mind, so I ended up writing. Still had that stomach ache that I couldn't shake for some reason...

Who knows when I finally slept... wasn't for quite a while. I've really got to change my sleeping habbits.

Sunday: Who knows. Whenever I finally went to bed, I couldn't sleep and so after trying everything and anything to try to get to sleep, I finally slept on the floor.

Monday I worked, a lot. I went over to my grandpa's house and mowed his lawn, then mowed my uncle's lawn, then mowed my neighbors lawn, then mowed my own lawn. Needless to say, I was tired afterwards especially since it was so freaking hot outside...

After I got done, talked to Meg on the phone for quite a while then around seven or so, my family started 'family night' so I got off the phone. After family night, I was supposed to go out to shoot pool with Kimball, but Meg called...

She sounded a little upset on the phone, like she'd been crying or something... Apparently she had gotten into an argument with her mom and she was a little upset. So I talked to her for a little bit trying to somehow make her feel better. She kept telling me that she felt kinda embareassed that she had called up all upset and stuff and I told her that it was totally cool. She asked me if I'd play something on the guitar and I told her of course I would. So, I played 'Holiday In Spain' by Counting Crows, told her I loved her and asked her to try to get some sleep, then met up with Kimball.

It was great to be able to get out and shoot pool with Kimball, we haven't done that in quite a while. Good to forget any problems for a little bit and just have a good time. It's great to be able to go out with just Kimball and I and have a good time.

Tuesday came sooner then I thought. I was going to try to wake up early and catch Meg before she left for work just so I could tell her I love her, but I didn't quite wake up in time...

My grandpa came to help me finish my door so we worked on that for a little while. Then I tried to get some ebay stuff done and eventually did. Cole came over for a little while and we had somewhat of a four way conversation talking to Meg and Mollie on the phone. After Cole left, then I was still on the phone for a while talking with Meg, Kar, and Mollie. Then they had to leave so I hopped in the shower and went to mutual.

After mutual, we all went out to Wendy's for dinner. It was a short visit, maybe 45 minutes at the most, but we got to spend a little time together, so it's all good.

After I was home, I called Trish and she stopped by with Emmy and Beth for a little bit and we just goofed off for a little while. It was really cool to see them all again. Trish, Beth and I are all going to Tour together, which should be a blast.

Anyways time to start the day!



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