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Friday, July 08, 2005

Titles are for Losers

by Blink-182

[this one is from Meg about 9:45PM yesterday]

hey handsome!

Wow sorry i have taken forever to write you back. I have been kinda busy.which is no reason to not write the mosty amazing guy in the world.

So hun how was your day?! i hope you had a good day. I hope your doing great!! Well hmm my day where to start lol. Jk well i went to work at two. It was pretty slow, but its was alright. it took forever for the day to go by. But it was pretty fun. I had fun with all the people and met some new people so it was nice. Then i had to close today which isnt as fun as it seems lol. I had to help close up the store which isnt to fun. But hey work is work. Then i came home and had to babysit daisy. I was trying to talk to people, but there is somthing about little kids thats more then interestin then the computer. lol go figure people are more fun then computers haha that was dumb. Any ways i was play with her for a while she is so dang cute. i mean she is realated to me she has to be haha JK. We were talking and it was so cute...she kept saying geek and nerd. So i would ask her is ceartain people nerds or geeks and the only ones she would call geeks and nerds was me and you lol.

Shoot....dang i was going to say a ton of cute things and then i just forgot all of them. Sorry i am really sorry. I should really be more cute to you. Since you are always cute to me! THanks so much shane really you have no idea how much you do for me. It makes me feel so speacial and i hope i make up for a little bit of what you do for me.

Sorry if i am not making any sense haha. I have medicine me and wow i just am out of it lol. Oh well. So are you going to warp tour? i hope so i know you want to go so bad. So i hope you get to go and have a blast! you will have to tell me all about it when you get home or back.

Well i am sorry this isnt so cute or long. I feel bad, you always say cute things and make me feel so happy when i read your emails. i love to get them. and then i send them to you and there just words...i dont say anything cute, or say anything worth reading. BUT i do mean everything i say. I love you so much. and i really mean that. I mean people will talk to me and ask if i say i love you to you. and i say yes. and they just dont get that i really do love you and taht you mean so much to me. more then they can understand. people are always telling me that i am to young to know what LOVE is but i do know will change but as of now i know with all my heart that i am in love with you. Because your so amazing, when you just walk into the room it lights up. and i just cant stop smiling. and when i am with you i just cant explain it but its just a feeling thats good that i love lol. Well hun you have heard me ramble on and on hehe but i better stop blabbing lol. well i love you so much and hope you have fun doing whatever you doing! talk to you later hun...

love me! ~megs~ xoxoxxoxox

[from me 12:22 today]
Hey, I ran short on time last night, and I was wasted after I got home from the bar (to shoot pool :P, it was like a family bar) and so I didn't get to write you and stuff...

Anyways yesterday I just hung out and played a bit of guitar, got a little writing done, I don't recall a lot about yesterday other then just generally hanging out till taking off for Stubs (local place in town) to shoot some pool.

So, Dan and I left and met up with some of Dan's buddies, Steve and Bill. We shot pool for a few hours, and just talked and stuff. I really did quite crappy... Normally I'm halfway decent, but I really sucked last night :) Made maybe two good shots the whole evening, one to win the game, and then sunk four balls in a row, but the rest of the night I shot crap. Absolute crap :P.

Today was a 'take it easy' kinda day. I woke up and called you (which was awesome), had a four hour jam session which was pretty cool. Then just hung around, went out to dinner, and hung around some more and called you.

So, I hope the fireworks were fun and you had a good time :). I can't wait till I finally get to see you again tomorrow. I can't wait, I don't think I'll manage to get much sleep tonight. Too excited for tomorrow :).

Sorry I was a little glum and short when I talked... I'm really worried about Mariah... She'll be alright though, I'll fill you in tomorrow...

Sorry for lack of cute in this email... my minds a little cluttered right now...

I love you, thank you for being such an amazing person. You really do make a difference in my life... and I love it :)



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