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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Another week away...

NP Angels With Dirty Faces-
by Sum 41

I decided I owe it to myself and everyone else to actually update this thing. Chuck came out today, I've already listened to it four times in a row in a period of 2-3 hours or so. Great CD, but I don't think it tops American Idiot.

I really respect Sum 41. Even though they are a mainstream band (I refuse to call them Pop Punk, especially after their new CD), they have good work. Their lead guitarist Dave (not their lead vocalist Deryck) is a really amazing guitarist.

Well, quick cap over the week. I'm tired and wanna sleep but I make myself do this out of a will to punish myself.

Friday I fought as hard as I could to go to the game with Trisha and everyone instead of going on a campout with the Teacher's Quorum. My dad wouldn't budge so I had to go on the campout. Wasn't too bad actually, though I would have rather gone to the game. Mitch and I listened to Sum 41 and Green Day the entire time. We had a trading blanket in the evening and Mitch ended up getting a Marshmallow Gun. Let me tell you now, those things hurt like a mother. I had a welt on my cheek from him hitting me with a tiny little marshmallow.

I hate sleeping when I camp. I was laying on two huge rocks right by my head. Meaning truth be told I guess, I didn't really sleep.

Woke up on Saturday and kept on listening to music. Practiced for a big mountain man relay thingy where we did all these mountain man events. During the actual event, Jared crossed this rope course thingy, then ran a bullet to Skyler who started a fire, who ran to David and they cut a log. Then after cutting the log, ran to Mitch who did archery, then to Dave to throw tomahawks, then to me to throw knives (I like throwing knives for two reasons. One, I'm good at it, two, I like feeling like I'm a ninja. ;) ). I ran the bullet to Mitch who shot it with a black powder rifle then ran down the hill to set off the trap and end our time. Our time blew everyone elses away by like two minutes. So we won like 100 shotgun shells and 100 clay pidgeons, which was cool.

Drove home and stopped off at Granny's in Heber for a shake, kept listening to music :).

Got home, got in the shower, then Dan and his family came. Felicia ended up tagging along with Kimball and I to go shoot some pool. Pool was fun, a nice little break from life (somewhat) and gave me something I haven't gotten to really do in a long time. Talk to Kimball.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Nuff said.

Monday, Biology wasn't as fun as it normally is cause Chelsey wasn't there to talk to (but of course, there is always Arin to talk to which keeps things interesting all the time), Carrie wasn't in Algebra II either so it was a kinda slow day. I had a ton of homework, which I did quite a bit of. Then I was staining base boards for my room because carpet goes in on Wednesday. After that, I finished up more homework while talking to Bethany (Child) and went to bed.

Today was typical A day. Got up for Jazz Band and got a new song that is actually a challenge. 21 new chords which is awesome and will be hard work at the same time. Talked to Alyson really quick before school asked her if she was upto doing anything this weekend. I forgot how cute she was :)
Bryson and I practiced at lunch and then I sat through a 'how to use Adobe Page Maker' lecture in Yearbook. It actually IS kinda cool to learn how to use all these Adobe Apps, because normally people would be paying for lessons like that. And the fact that it's in yearbook and Chelsey and I just talk to each other the whole time probably helps speed class up just a touch.

Came home and worked on the base boards all day long. Ran to Home Depot around 8:30 to get some supplies and I stopped off at Wal-Mart to get Chuck. Saw Bethany and Cassie and talked to them for a little while. They had been searching Wal-Mart because they were ten cents off from being able to buy Bethany's hat or something along those lines. So I gave them a quarter and got like fifteen hugs and 'thank you so much, you're the best''s. Came home after getting Chuck and listened to it 4 times consecutively while working on my room. I'm ditching school tomorrow to move in after they put carpet in. Joy for me, I get to sleep in!

Can't wait to FINALLY move in tomorrow. I still have work afterwards though, including a closet door and a door to my room, shelves, finishing the window ceil, and some other little tasks. But after 9 months of waiting I finally move in!

I appologize for my lack of calling people lately, I really need to but I have been barely able to do homework. So, remember that I all owe you ;)



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